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[Suggestion] Tower Defense

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by maxminoS, Oct 2, 2016.


Should these be added?

  1. Add both Solo and Extreme Mode!

  2. Add Solo Mode! [But not Extreme]

  3. Add Extreme Mode! [But not Solo]

  4. No to these bad suggestions :(

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  1. maxminoS

    maxminoS Member

    Sep 21, 2016
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    I am a major Tower Defense player and I thought of an amazing idea (to some) that should be applied to this game.

    I actually suck at strategy games, but I love them very much for some reason. Tower Defense is by far the best strategy minigame in Minecraft (except of course Factions).

    Extreme Mode

    So my suggestion is the addition of Extreme Mode, where player would be able to play harder, better, longer, stronger.

    What is Extreme Mode?

    Extreme Mode is for heavy Tower Defense players who wants the game to last longer and also to make more fun. This is because most Tower Defense games end during Armageddon, but not because of the Wither, only because of the mob that follows.

    Extreme Mode will help slow down the pace of the game by making money harder to upgrade, powerful mobs more expensive. We can also create a time limit for when a certain mob/tower can be unlocked. By making the game slower, we can improve the strategies used and make sure that nothing gets past our defense.

    I know that you might think that there could be an impenetrable base, but if the game has been going out for too long, that is where Armageddon will still prove useful, with an Ender Dragon as the boss. If both bases are able to kill the Ender Dragons, then there would be a draw.

    I think that the game should at least last for 2 hours, but Armageddon should start after 2 hours and 30 minutes. So in average, the longest a game could be is 3 hours, which is about three times longer than Normal Mode.

    Why should it be applied?

    Because I think that the game is imbalanced, and we don't get to use everything in the game. For example, I did an experiment to get the diamond goldmine a few days ago. But I was able to get it just about 2 minutes away from Armageddon, and I ended up losing by a magma cube/slime attack. Even though I got tons of gold, the mobs had already reached our castle and the diamond mine had no use at all. This could also be said for the towers we can create. Most bases place artilleries, archers, mages, and ice towers. But we can only add 3 or 4 Necromancer, Sorcerer, Quake, Zeus, and Leach.

    How will it attract more players?

    Obviously, it is a very long game, which is why both winners and losers should be rewarded. Losers should be awarded as much as how a Normal Mode winner gets, while Winners get thrice the amount. If they draw, then they would both receive twice as much as how a Normal Mode winner gets.

    I know what you're thinking, what if they AFK for 3 hours? Well, there's always the reliable /votekick isn't there.

    What happens to the people who has not enough time to play Extreme Mode?

    They would obviously be vote kicked as mentioned above by players, but if there are two or more AFK players, they can be reported for being AFK throughout the whole game.


    - There should be a five-minute strategy planning before the game starts so that we can actually work in teams and not be annoyed by non-cooperative effects.
    - Only those who have won a lot (maybe about 20-50) of Tower Defense Normal Mode can play this so that no new players will mistakenly play Extreme Mode and not know anything they're doing.
    - All players should be able to speak the same language. (I believe that developers can detect languages when they pick the language on settings.

    Solo Mode

    So since there is a very long mode, there should also be a short one.

    What is Solo Mode?

    Solo Mode is for Tower Defense players who are dying to play one game, but has not enough time to spend an hour for one. This is also because Tower Defense is mostly a Team game, which is why I think some would enjoy solo better.

    Solo Mode will make the game faster as there is only one base handler and the pathway would also be shorter. Mobs and Towers would be far cheaper. We can also use this to practice our mind so that we can react faster and also at the same time build towers and spawn mobs.

    I know that you might think that this would still be hard and the it can go too long, but if the game has been going out for too long, that is where Armageddon will again still prove useful, with a Ghast as the boss. If both bases are able to kill the Ghasts, then there would be a draw.

    I think that the game should at least last for 15 minutes, but Armageddon should start after 20 minutes. So in average, the longest a game could be is 30 minutes, which is about half the time on Normal Mode.

    Why should it be applied?

    Because I think that there are players who are annoyed by team members and they would want to take matters into their own hands, while sometimes team members slow us down and place towers in the wrong places. For example, I was teamed with a new player who placed 5 ice towers beside each other. I also believe that we can still use many mobs and towers by making them cheaper/faster gold rate.

    How will it attract more players?

    People will get awards only for winning, getting half of what you would get winning in Normal Mode.

    Anyone can play Solo Mode

    Please Vote Above :) and have a nice day.
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  2. agent320

    agent320 Member

    Jun 28, 2016
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    this is one of the few suggestions that includes wnough detail in ages.
    I like it
  3. MimicPanda

    MimicPanda Member

    Mar 23, 2016
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    I like the idea of solo,but I dont really like the idea of extreme mainly because of the time limit.
  4. Nikboo

    Nikboo Guest

    Solo Tower Defence mode would be cool to have. I'm not sure if the developers are working on it already but if not, then I support the idea.

    I don't like the idea of Extreme mode though. Extreme mode is a but too long and it would bore the players or the players would have to go for some reason. Also, players could just use /votekick to kick someone they don't like out of a team so it is a but unfair. Do remember that Tower defence isn't the most popular of game out there, such as Skywars or Eggwars so i doubt many would play this mode.