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Dec 8, 2013
So I've been a player on Cubecraft for a long time now, I joined when we had that cave spawn :). I'm also an iron donator! :D
Since I've been playing, I thought I'd share some recommendations with you guys!

- Cops and Robbers - This is a great Minecraft minigame to have! Assigning cops and robbers in a jail, and having them attempt to trick the cops and escape from prison!

- Kits for Assassination - The Assassination game on Cubecraft has to be one of my favorites. But to make it better would be to add some kits for it! I think iron could receive a stone sword (possibly enchanted), and maybe some chainmail pants or full chainmail armor too!

That's all for now! I'm happy to contribute and will continue doing my best to keep the chat clean! :)
If anyone else has any recommendations, feel free to post them here!
Oct 20, 2013
As I have said all the mini games from the old server will be implemented (fish slap, the walls, infection, ghost squadron, mob arena, etc.). In my opinion the kits for assassination would make it too much like kit pvp. If it were to be called assassination, then we would need something to represent it. Kits are for kit pvp, and skywars :P.


Jan 16, 2014
Just over there
Yeah they say it's been up for a year, but I think there were stages before that, I joined when the cave spawn was just introduced and thats got to be at least 2 years ago? Minecraft was in 1.3.2 then I think
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