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"statistic significante"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AcePjoez, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. AcePjoez

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    Apr 29, 2016
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    Hello beautiful people of cubecraft, you most likely came to this thread because you clicked on it :p This thread is about something we call "Statistic significante". Why it is in the suggestions thread? With this thread i learn you guys how to know if an idea is good or bad :D

    So statistic significante can mean 2 things: Something is statistic significante if you can be sure something not happens by accident and if you got enough votes for a project to be able to say what the Majority of the people like.

    So CubeCraft has around 100.000 members. To make something statistic significante atleast 30% of the people should've voted, wich is around 30.000 people. Imagine you have a poll, the majority would be 50%, wich is more than 15.000 people. If you have more options than 2 it would be the same because of reasons.

    You can agree that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get more than 30.000 people to react on a poll (i guess), and since a thread closes after 2 weeks the thread will be less popular so you have to get 30.000 answers in 2 weeks. BUT some members aren't online that much and some are, uselly something around 200 members are online (idk) let's multiply it by 5 Because it's possible and we get 1.000. with this amount only 300 / 330 people have to vote for a poll (wich is still alot) but it's possible :D

    I hope you found this thread usefull, if not, i'm sorry :(