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Starting to do server vids

Cody Burns

Apr 17, 2014
Sin City
I am going to start recording a lot more on CubeCraft, and I am open to suggestions on what you guys would like to see. First vid is as follows:
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Dude your pfp is gold, those books were some good some time ago
KIppenSoepje wrote on Capitan's profile.
Hey, i already talked with someone from the server about my permanently ban. My name was back then KippenSoepje but now is it RylanLovesPizza. I had a diamond rank and i am so sad that i got permanently banned from the server 2 years ago. I was banned by cc-sentinel, but i didn't knew what i did wrong. Can someone please unban me, because i love the server.
Please take a look at my response to Younisco’s PvP suggestion thread. A put quite a lot of effort into it. https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/pvp-suggestions-we-need-your-help.250079/page-6
Wont be able to play next week from sunday till friday 😢.
ill be back on saturday.
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thank for following o_O
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