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Speed eggwars solo guide


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May 2, 2016
Hi! Today i'm going to be creating a solo speed eggwars guide, with tips and tricks and map info. I recently did a team guide and before that, a overall speed eggwars guide (Shop prices etc.). :)

Lets firstly, start off with the maps. There are a total of 7 solo maps, with 6 12 players maps and 1 8 player map.

I'm not going to go into to much detail on each of the maps, but i can tell you, that each of them has got a working gold and iron gen on your starter island ;)

Tips and tricks:
Its best to rush to the teams beside you, before they get obsidian and leather gear. Just buy a few blocks and a wooden sword and then just rush them. After that, either rush mid or for the other teams.
The mixing spoon kit, would be a "eggcellent" choice for this map, as there isn't a lot of cover, a part from a few trees and bushes, meaning you can just knock them off. Its best to rush for semi-mid and then rush for other teams from there. Mid, does have a few gaps, so that for your advantage
Its best to rush for semi-mid and then rush for the 2 teams beside you from there. Then you can go to mid and hold it down, while trying to fend off other teams or you can just keep rushing for other teams.
Its best to rush for the team beside you. The eggplosives kit is good if its normal items, as you can use both gold gens to get full chain gear and a iron sword etc. Never, rush for mid until the team besides you has been eliminated. Also, remember to bring a lot of blocks and good gear to mid. Egg legs kit might be good, due to how large and open mid is and also, you can rush for teams that way, while using good advantages and quick thinking.
Similar to port, but mid is connected to semi-mid this time. Just do the same thing for port, rush for the 2 teams besides you and then rush for mid. Also, just farm up from the 2 lvl 3 diamond gens to get iron gear or go for shiny diamond armour. After that, just take out the other teams.
Same as jungle, but mid isn't connected to semi-mid. Its best to deal with the teams at your side of the map and then quickly take over mid before anyone gets iron gear. The mixing spoon kit and egg legs are the best kits to choose for this map.
The one and only 8 player map for solo speed eggwars. Really easy to get gold from all 12 semi-mids (Yes, you heard me) First, you would want to rush for the team beside you and then either farm up to get full chain and hold down mid or make a quick dash to mid and grab all the diamonds. After that, once you've got either full chain or iron, you can easily rush for the other teams. Watch out for the mixing spoon kits and small gaps, between the small semi-mids and other islands :p

Best kits to choose for each map:
Golf: Mixing spoon, mastermine, egg legs and eggplosives
Jungle: Mixing spoon and egg legs
Port: Eggplosives, golden shell and mastermine
Desert: Eggplosives, golden shell, egg legs and mixing spoon
Bridges: Mixing spoon, egg legs and maybe steak and eggs
Olimpo: Same as Jungle, due to both maps being similar
Resort: Mixing spoon and mastermine and maybe egg legs

Get 10 kills without dying. Rewards: 2 cubelets and 300 xp
Win a game with only a helmet for armour. Rewards: 300 xp and 100 points
Win a game after dying 10 times. Rewards: 100 xp and 25 points
KIll 5 players with no egg in one game. Rewards: 400 xp
Break 100 eggs total in solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 1 cubelet and 250 xp
Win your first game of solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 120 xp
Win 10 games of solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 1 cubelet and 150 xp
Win 100 games of solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 2 cubelets, 1000 xp and 50 points
Win 1000 games of solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 3 cubelets, 5000 xp and 500 points.
Win 10,000 games of solo speed eggwars. Rewards: 5 cubelets, 10,000 xp and 5,000 points

Each win you get in solo speed eggwars gives you 100 xp and 50 points.

Thanks for reading and please give me feedback on what i should improve! :)
Will be, continuing to update this thread :P
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