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Speed Eggwars Guide


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May 2, 2016
Speed eggwars is a game based of Normal eggwars expect, only different. Today I'm going to create a speed eggwars guide for people who either don't have a clue or to know more tricks and tips from me. (Not going to do Harcore prices for all of them, since people never vote for it.) Btw if you don't know, op stands for Overpowered.

Speed has different prices, kits and map layout ( Distance between islands) compared to Normal.


Mixing spoon (Gives you a Knockback 1 wooden Shovel)
Eggsplosives (Gives you 3 tnt and Chainmail chestplate with Blast Protection 2)
Golden Armour (Gives you Golden Chestplate and boots)
Steak and Eggwars (Gives you 3 seconds of resistance after eating a steak)
Mastermine (Gives you permanent Haste)
Egg legs (Gives you 2 Speed II potions)

In Speed eggwars, Golden apples are more expensive than in Normal eggwars.
Hardcore: 20 Gold
Normal: 10 Gold
Op: 5 gold

Punch bows and power bows (Unless playing op mode) are not a thing in Speed eggwars
Meaning that the only good bow there is the basic one costing around 8 Diamonds and in op the best bow there is the power 2 bow costing 25 diamonds. Well, there is only one bow per mode.

Ender pearls cost around 64 diamonds in Normal items mode, but in op its worth 32 diamonds.

Camping isn't an issue in Speed eggwars, because the islands are closely packed together like in the map Golf and Library and due to the lack of proper bows and due to ender pearls.

Next we have the pickaxes. They are better than the ones in Normal eggwars and they are cheaper with the cheapest being only 5 gold in both Normal and op items mode.
The best pickaxe for Normal mode is the Efficiency V Diamond pickaxe and the best for op is the Efficiency X Diamond pickaxe.
There are different types of Pickaxes, but they do rank up in tier the more expensive they get. (If you want me too, I could list them here.)
In speed eggwars obsidian is cheaper costing around 3 Gold in Normal and 1 gold in op mode.

Tactics or Strategies:
Using the Eggsplosives kit, rush for the island beside you and then use both gold gens to get full chainmail and a good number of golden apples. (Works for Normal mode and maybe op too.)
You can use the egg legs kit to speed build to mid and then get diamonds and gold to get good gear early on.
Golden armour can be useful when rushing people, but useless in op mode.
Mastermine is useful, but if you`ve got the ability that gives you haste when you break a block of obsidian , then it turns useless.
Here are some images of some of the maps in eggwars

(This is my first guide so far for a game like eggwars. I will get better at doing this type of thing in the future :))
@Younisco @ArianaGrande @_The13thDoctor_ @Fluffys_gurl @ShameI @CommunistCactus Opinions on this?


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