Some things to clarify about 1.9

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by telegamer, Feb 24, 2016.

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    1. The whole 1.9 pvp thing can be disabled with a simply vanilla Minecraft /gamerule, so for cying out loud stop complaining about it.
    2. Cubecraft can make the server 1.8 AND 1.9 at the same exact time, so there is enough time to edit your texturepacks, and wait and see what Cubecraft does with all the 1.9 stuff.
    3. IF Cubecraft were to upgrade their entire network to 1.9, this won't be happening all that soon since alot of coding needs to be done in the first place for other things, secondly they'll probably need to edit a lot of coding before they can acctually upgrade to 1.9.
    4. I can see a huge opurtunity for some new vanity items added in within Minecraft 1.9, so please, again, stop complaining about the whole PvP thing.

    -telegamer ~ Owen

    Oh, and yeah: if any mods see this thread, feel free to lock it.. This thread is just to get it some 1.9 things out there :)
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    server wont be running on vanilla
    and if ur so certain about a /gamerule command then tell me what command it is.