Some suggestions to make the server more fun!

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    First of all I want to thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope some of it can be usefull and be used in the server!!

    - The first thing that's need to be done is add some more 3 player maps, the only map I know is underdasee and that map isn't fun to play because the islands aren't close to eachother but really far away and that makes the game longer and how longer a game takes, how more boring it is. For example the map magic is a really nice map to play, but it is for 4 people so this map would be better with 3 players.

    -The diamond generator. Most of you guys/girls have heard of this and there are 3 levels of it but it still takes forever to generate the diamond. I wound suggest a fourth level that will give you 1 diamond every 1.5 sec that is faster so the game will be over quickly, not boring anymore! ;)

    -Votes as a diamond rank or higher. Everyone has played skywars right? Well there you can vote for day time, night time or sunset, why isn't this in eggwars?? Seriously some maps would look more awesome at night!!

    All of the games:
    -Haven't you played with multiple people on the server, and would you love to play a game together? Well I know I did, and every time it's a pain in the butt to get in a game with lther people so, cubecraft, why didn't you make a plugin for a party where just the leader of the party has to join a game and the rest of the party joins with him? That would be awesome if you did, please, me and my friend are waiting like a year for this.

    -Haven't you wonderd what people their stats would be on some games? Don't say that you didn't because we all know you did. Why don't you make a /stats command where you can see all of your progress, if you make this you can get rid of the floting texts in the lobbies, the text makes them lag a lot!

    So do you agree with this suggestions? Or at least 1 of them? Let me know!

    I hope I could help you guys with some things that the server needs! Loves Progamer192.
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    - You hating underdasea is a matter of opinion, some folks may like it. But I like my 3 player maps. +1

    - I think this is extremely over powered and would take the fun out of eggwars, it's supposed to take a while. It IS a diamond generator after all.

    - I don't see why not, but why not try some new things instead of duplicating features from other games. +1

    All of the games:

    - This has been requested numerous times and has been said that it is being developed. But that was a while ago and nothing has been heard since. +1

    - This has also been suggested numerous times. If a piece of text in a lobby makes you lag, you need some serious hardware adjustments.

    Please make sure suggestions are original, use the search bar in the top right to search if your suggestion has been suggested before. Posting a duplicate suggestion just causes spam and isn't good for anyone.
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    there are 2 3player maps, underdasea and instruments. I would simply like more maps. Not specific 3playermaps. +0,5

    Diagen4 no plz, waay too OP.

    Voting, I dont think its necessary... But would be nifty I guess. +0,5

    All the other games

    Party, has been suggested billions of times. They are working on that, be patient.

    Stats, this would cause a lot of lag, no plz.

    Good suggestions, but a bit basic. Try to come up with something no one has ever thought of.
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    Everything +1, the diamond generator idea is in my opinion good, because if you want to get level 4 you need maybe 40 diamonds or something, maybe not 1.5 second but 2 seconds.