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Should this map be added?

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    Votes: 8 53.3%

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Lil Loui

May 14, 2016
Looks good but as the other people above said i remember it from someting. If you made it it looks really good but meby change the name because i dont fully understand why you choose war
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Preatty sure I have seen this before somewhere.
Looks good but as the other people above said i remember it from someting
This map's theme is overall pretty basic, which is why it may seem familiar. I can guarantee you there are lots of maps out there similar to this one.

On topic:
The map's layout looks interesting to be honest, but I'll still pass as it's toppings simply lack that spark of originality I'm looking for. The map's terrain looks quite rough as well. I don't think you can have a nice 1v1 on here without being frequently interrupted by the environment. I'm sorry, but I'll have to vote 'no' on this one.


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Admin Team
Oct 20, 2013
Why is it called war? I don't get it.

As others have said this is basically every small youtubers private server starter map, some trees stuck on an island. We already have lots of these kinds of maps we don't need more, however thank you for the submission. Try to be more creative with your themes and just being different and standing out is what makes you successful. Unless you're a hawks dinner then you want to hide.
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