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Jan 3, 2021
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Hi Cubecraft! Today I've uploaded my first (real) YouTube video for this server! I've always wanted the YouTube rank, even though I always thought, no way will I ever reach that goal. But, I was watching some other content creators the other day and I thought how cool it would be to make videos for this server. So, here it is! I hope you enjoy and if you could, Subscribe! It would get me one step closer to reaching my Cubecraft dream. Also, if you could give me some tips on how to make my videos... better, I know this video is probably very bad because this was my first time editing a real Minecraft video, but it would be awesome if you could just reply to this thread down below if you have any. Thanks for watching and I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of the day!

Cubecraft Skywars but Armor is Banned:

The quality of the video is better if you watch it on the Youtube website
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