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Jan 5, 2023
Personally, I'd like to bring some suggestions that would make slyblock better.
Skyblock is a gamemode that demands the player to be entertained on it, enjoying, so just as in my previous thread;
1. the sell method is really dull, and takes players will of playing. Instead of 30 min to sell stuff, I could sell everything in a minute and have another stuff to look for.
2. I dont know why, but the competitive feeling makes me fight for something, so, some kind of leaderboards of the server youre in/ the skyblock, would be something nice in my opinion.
3. Another thing Id love seeying, is some kind of market, making skyblock have its own economy between the players.
4. Id love having a spec mode, where you can see the other player island. Example: Q player invites me to check how he made his island, his farms and stuff. That would make skyblock a "better helping evironment", Im seeying players asking for help every server Im in, I think that this is a feature that would help everyone a lot.
5. End update maybe ?
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i havent been on the cc server in ages and idk if I should ask this in the forums but ill just ask on my page, did they get rid of a lot of games? i got bored and started playing mc again and I vividly rmbr there being a ton of more cubecraft games but now there's only 6, soo like did they get rid of a ton or am I thinking of a different server (also if they did does anyone know why?)
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