Skyblock Suggestion: /trade.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Younisco, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Because of many.... many.... many.... People that try to get other peoples trades, and overall being a burden to people, I am suggesting this custom-built command, /trade.

    /trade start.

    When this command is made, it will teleport you to a trading area, with no-one in there.

    /trade invite [name]

    This will invite someone to this trading area, in which the player must do:

    /trade accept [name].

    Another thing you can do:
    /trade change [place] which will allow you to personalise your trading area to a specific style.

    Another thing to add:
    /dp room

    Teleports you to a 20x20x10 bedrock room, allowing you to personalise your drop party room to whatever you want, if it were to show off, if it were to look nice, it's up to you.

    /dp desc,

    Brings up a book, (only letting you write one page) which makes you write what you will be dropping accordingly. This will come up when you do

    /dp host. Which hosts your drop-party.
    To stop spam, make it so everyday, you can host 1 drop party. If people use a swear word, they will be punished accordingly.
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    "/trade" is already a command and it will be having a lot of changes to it soon.

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