Semi-Original game idea.

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    Overall idea

    The Idea :

    So, I have an interesting idea that came to me today while I was trying to think up some game ideas. This idea is oriented off of another game called Dwarves VS Zombies. Dwarves VS zombies is a Player VS AI/Player game. Obviously it would be altered to be more personalized and made for cubecraft but, it's a RPGsbased game. I'm going to call it by what they originally called it when it was made. So dwarves have several classes as well as the "zombies". The zombies aren't literally zombies but is one of the classes you can become in the classes, as well as the default class if you haven't unlocked the other classes. You defend your keep as a dwarf from the AI and "zombies" that attack.

    Build Phase :
    This time is the time for all classes to make gear, make walls, fortify walls, get essential items to survive. This would take X amount of minutes and once it ends it would restrict all players from making anymore gear or placing blocks, they may only place torches.

    Fight Phase :
    The fight phase is when players may no longer place blocks and should be ready for combat, there would be multiple points that the dwarfs would protect and the monsters would attack to take control of that area and get closer to the keep where the castles life comes from. Any players that get within the monsters spawn they will and can be one shotted by any of the monsters to prevent spawn camping, Monsters would do additional damage when it turns to night. Once the monsters capture the keep that becomes their new spawn and if you're within that spawn once again you'd be one shotted.

    Dwarfs Section

    The Mana System :
    Each class would require to use their mana to use their abilities. For example the builder needs blocks to build but the only way for the builder to get blocks is his block getting skill ( I can't think of a name ). When this skill is used it drops a small amount of torches as well as blocks that can be placed in/on the keep to defend from the monsters invading. Same apply to all other classes, to get potion ingredients you'd need to use your skill to get those ingredients. Mana could be tracked through XP or a boss bar.

    The Shops :
    Well with every class they need some sort of booth to make their items, each class would go to their classes area to make the items they need to survive the waves of monsters. with that being said there would be a basically a system once a player feels they've done their part they could acquire or check other shops to see if they have the gear they need.

    The Skills :
    Each class has their on special skills that everyone would need to progress in the game. Blacksmiths need coal to smelt their iron ore to make armor for players. Where would the blacksmiths get the coal, not from mining but from the baker the baker gets coal in his skill when he uses it along with cake and bread making items. How would the baker get the things for his cakes? He'd need to get alchemists to drop the eggs they get from their skills when they use their ability. Meaning every class would have to work together to progress and make their items.

    How the skills would work :
    Each class would be using their mana to make the items needed to give out to people. But as I stated about you'd need to have the participation from the other dwarfs to progress and make things for everyone. Blacksmiths would use their mana to make iron ore as well as use iron ingots to get a random piece of amour once you use your craft amour skill which would make it so there would have to be extra pieces of amour that they get and would give out to people. The alchemist would use his ability to get the potion ingredients to make instant health potions that would be ran off of mana rather than used normally same with other potions ( Swiftness , Strength, Jumpboost, ETC ). Bakers make cakes and food for players to eat while in combat adding another thing you'd have to worry about, if you have no food you'd get mining fatigue and eventually blindness once you could no longer run. Builders would just use their ability to make walls and fortify the walls so monsters need to make entrances. ( They can no longer build after they are out of the build phase )

    The "Dwarfs" classes and there skills:
    • Baker :
    Bakers use their ability to make cake and bread for the dwarven pact
    • Blacksmith :
    Blacksmiths use their abilities to craft unique pieces of armor and swords for the dwarven pact
    • Builder :
    Builders would spawn torches and blocks to fortify the walls and give torches to everyone so they can light the area
    • Alchemist :
    Would make potions for everyone but all potions would cost mana to use and has a cooldown so they cannot be spammed

    Monsters Section

    How monsters would work :

    At the beginning of the game all monsters would consist of AI ( The only AI monster to spawn would be zombies ) meaning someone would need to die in order to go to the monsters side. All monsters would have a leveling system which would give them more damage and gaining more health as the game goes on making it more difficult as the game progresses. There would be multiple classes to choose from giving multiple abilities, but would need to be purchased with the coins made through playing games. All monsters main objective would be to attack the keep and kill all the dwarves. The end game is to kill all dwarves and once the last keep is destroyed all dwarfs would die making it so dwarfs could not camp and hide in bases. The monsters would also have kills but would have a similar system to the dwarfs being that they use mana to use their abilities. After a certain amount of time a mechanic like left or dead would happen, a boss would be randomly chosen and has special skills that allows for a hard push for the time that boss is alive.

    The Monster Classes (All classes would have cooldowns ) :
    • Zombie ( There would be cooler names , and advanced versions of the zombies when given the chance ) :
    Is the default class has a weapon and basic skills ( Can be thought out and made )
    • Spider :
    Can climb walls and poison players with their special ability
    • Enderman :
    Can teleport and has high damage
    • Silverfish :
    Can replace blocks into silver fish stone and would be broken by creepers/players and destroy walls
    • EnderMite :
    Would do pretty much the same as silver fish but endermites can phase through walls and teleport on
    • Wolf :
    Can spawn a pack of wolfs as a distraction and moves quickly
    • Skeleton :
    Has extremely powerful arrows and can shoot different arrow types with its abilities
    • Creeper :
    Explodes and does mass amounts of damage

    Obviously everything would be renamed and fit to cubecraft :)

    If you think this is a bad idea, let me know. If you think this is a good idea let me know! All suggestions an alterations to make this a better idea would be much appreciated! If you have any ideas to add make sure to comment!

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    Nice thread! :D

    This game would be fun! :)