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Apr 1, 2020
Before i start (scroll down to get straight to the point): this is a well known forum suggestion that the community has been asking for about 2-4 Year’s from now and has been the MOST WANTED MODE For year’s, i decided to talk about this

We all have been wanting a Scrim’s Gamemode, Set for specifically Eggwars and Capture the flag

And we do the same thing as always either known as P glitch (member’s that join afterward the owner has join a game) or use Our rank’s to queue the same map, however i feel like there would be a better way to set it

For Eggwars: The community has made its own rules for the scrim, So i highly suggest that whoever makes the gamemodes, Read’s them, once read, For Either Team mode of 4v4 or 10v10

That once a party has hit 4 or 10 member’s
There should be a UI that say’s “Scrim Mode” and show’s if you wanna placed in a public scrim, you can random queue, If you wanna be placed in a Private Scrim, You have the option set a scrim passcode that can be shared to the desired party and vote map’s for 10 Seconds

And of course, the voting system will automatically be OverPowered

And For Team Kir Votes: you can choose who will have bridger Kit

1st-3rd Generator (They can be spawned directly on the gen to make it fast paced)

For CTF: Sort of the same however A tiny bit more work then Eggwars: You can vote if either teams can use Iron Item’s, Choose a map and/or Set either between Speed or Overpowered
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