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Mar 6, 2023
Hello, I'm Roxrock. I'm a mobile cubecraft player and lucky islands solos fan. Here, you can find some of my threads, some personal information to get to know me, and information about my accomplishments and goals regarding cubecraft.
1. I have a collection of carnivorous plants.
2. I am allergic to bananas.
3. My first name in real life is " Stone"
2 is a lie
I'm a 15 year old in the US who loves problem solving, gaming, and watching videos. A lot of my life is focused on academics, as I plan on attending college, probably for a degree in computer science or engineering. I love playing videogames, glitch-hunting, and speedrunning. Some of my favorites include battle for bikini bottom, fnaf security breach, and of course, lucky islands. Im admittedly introverted and lack social skills, but don't be afraid to start a conversation with me online.
I have autism and ADHD, if you couldn’t already tell.
I'm currently 3rd on the lucky islands solos leaderboard. I am a devoted lucky islands fan and care a lot about the game and its community. My goals here are to improve the game as much as possible through reporting bugs and creating feedback, and strengthen the community by helping other players and facilitating discussions. You can talk to me about absolutely anything related to lucky islands related and I would be willing to respond, and you can follow me to stay updated with my own posts.
My lucky Islands Guide: Here
This is by far my biggest project on these forums, Im not close to being finished with it and am still making it better.
My lucky islands quiz: here
A 50 question quiz I created for fun, feel free to give it a try!
For any short term schedule changes, look out for profile posts. Right now, I post a new lucky islands topic discussion every Saturday. I tend to work on my guide whenever I feel like it, I will make profile posts for big updates.
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Day 9 of leaving a profile post asking for Polar bears in Skyblock
Leaving Cube for a long time because of what happened to Riftz, whether it’s fixed or not. Religious myself and while I enjoyed being on Cube and everyone (no hate to the mods; they made a mistake is all), I can’t forgive this slip-up; I’m sorry. I’m entirely justified in this so no hate please. Peace; bye
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