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Mar 18, 2020
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Ok I've been playing a lot more eggwars lately and it's my first time being consistently active since July 2021. Since then, most of the covid restrictions have lifted and people have been able to return to school, work, and just a more normal life in general. This means that cubcraft has substantially fewer players now, as people don't have as much time to play. Overall this leads to longer que times and less games being played which leads to each map not having as much play time.

I think that eggwars (maybe other gamemodes, idk) needs to have all of its maps on a rotating basis. Look at the screenshots, there are currently 49 maps. That is just too many. If you log on to eggwars thinking of a specific map you want to play, the chances of that map actually being open are pretty low. Sometimes you don't see a map for weeks.

Here's how many maps there are for each team size -
2 Player Teams - 18 Maps
3 Player Teams - 9 Maps
4 Player Teams - 13 Maps
5 Player Teams - 5 Maps
6 Player Teams - 1 Map (aztec crying to its lonely self)
9 and 10 Player Teams (on all of these maps there are only 2 teams so gameplay is basically the same) - 3 Maps

So let's just come up with some number of groups of maps, and divide all the maps up evenly (as evenly as we can) For example, I'll say 3 different groups.

Assuming there are 3 different groups of maps, each group would have the following
2 Player Teams - 6 Maps
3 Player Teams - 3 Maps
4 Player Teams - 3, 1 would have 4
5 Player Teams - 1, 2 would have 2
6 Player Teams - 1, 2 would have zero (maybe aztec could just get added in with the 5 player maps?)
9 and 10 Player Teams - 1

Each rotation could last for a certain amount of time. Maybe the map rotations could change at the same time as the featured game? That way all the maps are around pretty often and not gone for too long. Some thing I haven't thought about is how seasonal maps would be handled. I think that's a problem for later, if people like this suggestion. Anyway lmk what you think.


PS This applied to team eggwars on java


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Sep 12, 2018
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Each map has its own qualities and negatives, and I think we should respect that each map adds something on it's own way. Obviously, it is quite annoying you are not able to play your favourite map every time because it is not available on times, but removing someone elses favourite is not the solution for that. Maps are closed sometimes to improve matchmaking, which is why I think it is a good thing. I disagree with the thread, as the map selection changes anyhow, just on a different way (by opening and closing the maps randomly rather than selecting maps to open and close).
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Jul 31, 2017
I wouldn't make a rotation but just remove maps that people don't want to play. They could also edit some of course.
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