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Sep 12, 2018
I see I'm not the only one that reacted :disagree:

I'll share you my opinion why, I think the others feel the same about this:

First of all, we both hope CubeCraft becomes a bug-free place! But rather than this 'reward' would stimulate people to report bugs, they are going to try as much stuff as possible to break the game, rather than actually playing it. If something breaks on accident, people should report it because it annoys their gameplay and those of others rather than report it because they are rewarded for it.

Also, in the epic situation that CubeCraft is bugless, people wouldn't be able to get that specific cosmetic. However this last reason is like one of the worst to disagree, but also plays a part.

Long story short: We want people to enjoy the game rather than become bug hunters, because CubeCraft already has people for that, together with the community, hence this is unnecessary and would only do harm to the community
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