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revert back to the old days kind of...

revert back to old ways

  • assassins:keep new stuff like bricks, ect... but add more chests

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Kitpvp: Get rid off /dispose i know there is a reason for it

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters
May 12, 2014
for assassins keep all the new stuff with the bricks and the other stuff but add more op chests because i used to love assassins and i only play kitpvp now and many other people who used to go on assassins would agree

for kitpvp get rid of /dispose because it's very annoying because you have to type in the command if you want to get rid of something every time and many people on kitpvp especially donors would enjoy it more

im not asking for you staff to implement this straight away but it would make the game more enjoyable


May 1, 2014
Ishtar Terra
I actually prefer /dispose...
Indeed, it makes dumping large amounts of items much faster.
As for assassins, i think we can all agree that it is a dead gamemode, at least until new maps come out... there just aren't enough players on it, nor are there enough staff on there. It is extremely buggy, and 60% of players either hack or shop camp. In my opinion, assassins is just a banning ground for rule breakers, and nothing else...
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