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    Title says it all. :p
    Here are the rules.

    1. If the video contains swear words, please put a warning.
    2. If the video contains nudity or whatever, please either don't post it, or put a warning. This is only the case if it's minor nudity; but if there is a lot of it, don't post it.
    3. Anime and songs filled with awesome are acceptable.
    4. There's an awesomeness meter. Please decide wether or not the video is awesome enough to post based on that meter.
    5. This thread has 7 different tags this thread has to explain exactly what type of video it is. You can also use words that have a similar meaning as the tag. The tags listed will be explained later. You can also say what kind of video you want to watch in this thread if you want to.
    6. DO NOT SPAM THIS THREAD! Keep videos in one post, please.
    7. Have fun!

    Here are the tags you can use!

    Red - Action! (Basically everything that contains a huge amount of action-packed awesomeness. An example of this would be an epic one-on-one fight scene between characters.)
    Orange - Funky! (Basically everything really weeeeeiiiiirrrrrddd and triiiiipyyyyy.)
    Yellow - Comedy! (Basically everything that is supposed to be funny.)
    Green - Dramatic! (Basically everything emotional and dramatic and drama and stuff. Highly doubt people will use this.)
    Blue - Suspense! (Basically everything that makes you go like "WHATS GONNA HAPPEN WHATS GONNA HAPPEN" and yeah.)
    Indigo - Cool! (Basically everything that's really cool.)
    Violet - (This tag has not been created yet. Please don't use it. Also i wish we could edit posts.)

    Here's the awesomeness meter!

    Yellow - Perfectly Awesome In Every Way
    Cyan - Awesomely Awesome
    Green - Awesome
    Blue - Pretty Awesome
    Sky Blue - Standard Awesomeness

    Just upload videos. That's it, really.