Psychological EPQ Questionnaire.

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    Hello everyone! So at school, I got selected to do an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), which is an external project which you get to do whatever you want. It's kinda like a PhD but anyways, I am doing it on the title of "How our brain reacts to stress", and I need to get primary research, which is using surveys and getting people to answer them.

    Alright, so underneath here, I am going to right an array of scenarios, and I would like for you to type up how you would react to those scenarios. Thoughts, emotions and actions are the primary ones, and if you want you can use some side notes. You can choose any scenario, and any amount of them.


    Imagine that you are a mediocre achieving student, you get just above the pass mark in the majority of the papers you sit. The headmaster wants to set an exam where if you don't pass, you will get kicked out of the school, which applies to everyone. What are your initial thoughts? Answer the reaction layout.

    Imagine you are in a bustling motorway, with everyone honking, and the traffic stretches for miles. You then start to go onto your phone in spite that the time would fly by. You then hear a siren relatively close to you, and notice that it is a police car behind you! A policeman steps out of the police car. What do you do? Answer the reaction layout.

    Imagine you are about to leave wherever you live onto a plane for an international flight for a company work job, where you will be confronted by 100s of people, where you will give a speech. On that very day, it is said that a thunderstorm may happen at the times of your flight, and that you may experience extremely high turbulence. The flight is 7 hours. What will you do? Answer the reaction layout.

    Thanks everyone, good answers will be included in my final essay. ;D