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Oct 26, 2013
The Dark Side of the Force
I was thinking it would be cool to have a prison server here on Cubecraft
If you don't know what prison is its a game where you are in prison and you kind of have to rank-up by collecting resources and there is also economy and i know that you guys are working on economy and maybe that could some how tie into The prison game.:D
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I created this account just because I absolutely want a 1 vs 1 mode on tower defense
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how didn't you turn into a bug yet with all those bug reports
Look there are people who think that all messages are for them while it is just for people who are in a party. But then again I can't help myself on behalf of ridicule. Because I mean, without going into further investigation, they immediately go mute. I think it's very bad about cubecraft games that this is happening. I will certainly work on this. cubecraft take a closer look at your helpers.


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