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May 7, 2021
Yes we need this .
Old thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/prefixes-above-head-instead-of-in-chat.279815/

Pretty sure since this was escalated it has been looked at, but I was asked to repost it just incase.

So this idea comes from a previous thread talking about purchasable prefixes.
The thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/purchasable-prefixes.279814/

The point being that all these prefixes in chat are starting to look kind of messy.
Especially with the fact there's over 90 possible prefix choices.

So an idea myself and @pieterpeer came up with is to make prefixes above someone's head, fit to a set size (for every prefix) just under their name, rather than in chat.

This wouldn't apply to ranks linked to staff and YouTube rank.

This is since YouTube rank and staff rank, despite being rare, dont stand out too much anymore.
Also with the prefixes in chat, the long prefixes just dont look nice at all imo.

So make prefixes above heads rather than in chat is the idea, not applying to special ranks which will do both.

To be clear - the prefixes would only be above heads in the lobby, not in games.


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Jan 30, 2014
Hey, sorry for the incredibly late reply, it seems this thread got lost and we didn't have it logged.

I'd like to bring up that we were leaning towards this idea for a while however we polled this in May and results weren't supportive enough for us to remove prefixes from chat, especially since its a monetized loot type.


Not to mention that in the replies, players that encouraged the prefixes under names were met with nearly 50/50 agrees & disagrees.

Due to this we made new plans to use titles under names, in a way that's new and fresh for everyone without changing prefixes, this currently is the direction we will continue to take due to the lack of support from the community as 30% want to keep their prefixes in chat.

Unfortunately going to have to mark this one as denied for now.
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