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    Assassination has a lot of bugs and things wrong with it that need to be covered, but one of the main issues is the price of potions. A lot of potions are either cranked up way to high for what they are, or simply so expensive there's no point in trying to buy them. Below I will be listing the prices of potions, what I think they should be, and why I feel that way.

    Strength II- £400
    So we all know that everybody uses Strength II because it gets the job done, but the only time I'VE ever bought Strength I is when I don't have enough for strength II, or I need to make the game harder for myself. The price of strength II is WAY too much and should definitely be brought down. I understand that £100 was also incredibly cheap for a strength II, but I honestly think the sweet spot would be £250. If you're rushed with strength II, unless you're prepared to kill, you're going to need a God Apple to do the trick. God Apples are £300 each, and I think that a strength potion should be around that level of cost. An eye for an eye, A "Gap" for a strength, that's the way it should be, not only because it's more reasonable, but also because it will really let the skilled players show their talent.

    Strength I- £300
    Same reason from above. This should be around £150, £200 being the MOST. These potions are not very effective at all compared to strength II (and poison, but that takes true skill) and should therefore be a lot cheaper.

    Night Vision- I forget the price. Either way, these potions should NOT be in the game. There is absolutely no use for Night Vision potions in Assassination, for it is always day time. Please remove them. The less clutter the better.

    Regeneration I- £80
    Regeneration potions have two settings in this game. They can either save your life or be a complete waste of money. They are the difference between life and death. I personally use regeneration I ogre II because regeneration I can be used very well as a passive healing spell. These potions are here to stay, but I definitely think that they should take the price that regeneration II currently hold. (£65) The reasoning for this will be explained below this one.

    (SUGGESTION) Regeneration III- £100
    Regeneration II just don't cut it. If you try to use them while fighting, they simply are not strong enough to keep you alive. My idea is to have a more expensive alternative to regeneration I, that will keep you alive during COMBAT, rather than while FLEEING.

    Health I- £20/Health II- £35
    Health I is simply too weak to be considered useful. 2 hearts is not enough to spend money on. Health II in my opinion are perfect, 35 dollars for a small boost, it's nice. 4 hearts is great when you're on a strict budget, however I think there should be a stronger alternative.

    (SUGGESTION) Health III/IV- £50
    I think that 4 hearts for a health I is good, but there should be something stronger for the more wealthy. Health III/IV could be a quick way to gain back some fast hearts, (maybe after jumping off of the temple) I'd say 6-8 hearts would be a reasonable recovery for something worth £50.

    Fire Resistance- Price isn't important. These potions are SO POINTLESS LMAO. The ONLY area with fire is the four pillars that lead to the arena. These are additional routes to take, and don't even need fire resistance to bypass (if you're skilled). Please remove these useless potions, for they only clutter the by menu.

    Splash Potions of Weakness- Price isn't important. These potions are used by about 2% of the Assassination community. These potions are incredibly weak and pose no threat to anybody. The reaction to being hit by a poison is "0H $H1T M8 1 G011@ RUN", when on the other hand the reaction to being hit by a weakness is "OMG lol I can't believe they wasted their money" Please remove. Clutter I tell you!

    Splash Potions of Harming I- £20 (Harming II were removed due to overpoweredness)
    These potions are INCREDIBLY WEAK and only do about 2.5 hearts, and that's when they hit you HEAD ON. When people throw harming at each other, they think they're doing MASSIVE damage. But in reality, each on does about 1 heart. I do not personally use these, but believe that it is a tactic that could be manipulated. The only downside is that they are too expensive to be £20. I think £10 is good. £15 at the MOST.

    Splash Potion of Invisibility II- £250 (ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?)
    TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS? THAT IS SO MUCH! Anyways, I believe in originality, and would LOVE it if people manipulated invisibility into their PvP tactics, but they are just WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to be used that way. These potions should have a solid price, yes. They are invisibility, yes, but they aren't worth £250. I think the price for tier I should be £100, and tier II should be £150. But £250 is TOO MUCH. PLEASE REDUCE THE PRICE!

    Splash potion of Poison I- £100
    Ahh, poison. My favorite (and objectively the best) potion in Assassination. These bad boys have the potential to wipe out a full diamond in literally 2 clicks of the mouse. (1 to throw potion, 1 to kill off the 1/2 heart that remains) These are very lethal weapons, as long as the opponent doesn't have God Apples. Poison potions induce panic onto your opponent, for they are literally watching their life drain in a matter of seconds. So Poison is good, as long as there are no God Apples involved. This potion lasts for 1:30, but is also very slow. I think the price for these should be brought down, as they aren't incredibly efficient. £70 is a fair price for these potions. However with Poison II it's a different story...

    Splash Potion of Poison II- £65
    These potions are quite effective for what they're worth, but they also aren't GREAT unless you're a sure shot. These potions only last for 0:16 and normally aren't enough to take out a fleeing target. I think that the price should be taken up to £100 on these, but at the same time I'd really like to see maybe 0:25 instead of 0:16? These are really my favorite potions and I would REALLY appreciate it if you'd edit this.

    Speed I- £30
    These potions are AMAZING! They are cheap, efficient, and USEFUL. Lasting for 8:00, they serve as a very good passive buff for you. They are very good potions, but in my opinion are a little too cheap. I think £45 would help spice things up.

    (SUGGESTION) High Jump II- £75
    These potions would serve as a small boost to help you get to higher areas. They would add a lot of PvP potential, and would expand the player bases strategic originality.

    (SUGGESTION) Slowness I- £120 Slowness II- £200
    These would HEAVILY INFLUENCE the use of splash potions, (expanding PvP variety) and add a lot of different takedown methods. They would drive diamonds and irons to carry speeds for protection, and be extra cautious. They would cost quite a bit though, for they would be incredibly effective.

    (SUGGESTION) Resistance Potions- £200
    These would add a simple resistance buff for about 5:00

    (SUGGESTION) Haste Potions- £80 Haste II- £120
    These are for the fast clickers! These would add speed to your strikes! Take down opponents faster and more efficiently!
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    I love it!
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    Just read through everything and agree to everything there, especially the poison, strength, slowness and jump boost suggestions. 10/10 :)
    >_< Bad! No ogre puns! >_<
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    I agree with these suggestions. Some potions are overpriced, and new potions would definitely add a more enjoyable aspect to the game.