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Jul 14, 2018
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1. Friends and parties exists, why add another version of that?
Isn't it fun to play against each other as friends?
2. You can find device based players in your settings so you can play with skilled players.
just no, that's not my idea
3. Once again; it just splits the community.
It does, but with private games no stats will be counted, I think also people will practice normal matches for this, right?
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Feb 5, 2021
A party could be anyone. Friends are a limited amount of people on your friend list.
oops I miss wrote that lol! I meant to say "I don't know how friends and parties aren't the same as private games.."


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Mar 28, 2021
This thread is for Java players, so if you play Bedrock and don’t know how Java works, you shouldn’t reply
I do know how java works, I didn't claim anywhere that I was targeting my reasons towards java specifically. If this was to be added I don't see why they would leave bedrock behind, so I targeted my reasons towards both versions. Although I will admit (for once) that I did forget that Obsidian and Plus ranks were java only (even though I own a java only rank) so you can blame me on that :)


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Dec 6, 2018
Hello everyone!

Since @YoshiWRLD & I really like to play Private games, for example EggWars 1v1's we did it's really annoying to clear a hole game for yourselfs to have a good fight. I really like to play games against good players in a private match, and only YouTubers and Staff members can create them.

The Idea:
Plus & Obsidian rank members can own and create a private game match for your friends and players who want to join, same idea how it works with YouTubers & Staff.

Short but simple suggestion, see ya later!

I absolutely disagree with your suggestion.

First of all, it gonna be overpowered with Plus rankers able to obtain Private Games, it should be a unique feature for Staff and creators.
Second of all, It will harm the server performance. so CubeCraft strength becomes laggy.
Additionally, in some cases, CubeCraft able to give permissions to the people who perform enormous tournaments to make Private Games.

Have a great day!


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Aug 31, 2019
The Netherlands
I see many suggestions about private games the last few weeks and totally agree with the fact that private games should be released for members aswell. Releasing private games for members is already planned, which you can see here. While almost everyone wants private games, we have to be patient until its release. The reasons why private games aren't released yet are said in this message:
This thread seems to have gone a bit off topic, but I'll respond to the original post:

Private Games was rolled out to staff shortly after Among Slimes as we planned for a partner release shortly after, including some work on a Bedrock implementation. Priorities on the infrastructure team have changed heavily over the past few months, and we haven't really had any time or resources to allocate to the project - releasing it to Java YouTubers was a five minute change, which is why we rolled it out a few weeks ago. The only reason the command exists on Bedrock is because of how our code works behind the scenes.

I can't imagine us doing a full release (i.e, for regular players on Java and Bedrock) of the system in it's current state, it was coded in less than a week as part of our game jam so as you can imagine the implementation of it isn't exactly the best it can be. We'd probably want to wait for a few other things we're working on internally to be complete before we start on reworking private games. Definitely still something we're interested in though!
Since other things have their priorities at the moment, I think we just have to be patient until they can rework on the private games.

About making private games an obsidian / plus feature only, I would like to see this as an obsidian perk. Because of the fact that this would increase the value of this rank and would solve the current 'problem' with this rank.


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Aug 10, 2017
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I agree! It's so much fun doing private games, but u always have to be with a staff member. I hope this will be forwarded. Hope to see soon private games with Obsidian Plus!
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