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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by moneycreator35, Oct 7, 2016.

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    IGN: Moneycreator35

    Age: 15 1/2

    Why Should We Pick You To Be A part Of Our Staff Team: becuase i love to lead people and show them how to correctly do things, i am also an eagle scout of troop 618, and the spl ( spl means in charge of the whole troop ( 20 - 30 people ) ). so you know i can handle stress

    What Would You Bring To The Server: Lots of plugins, skywars, minigames, parkour, factions, creative, publicity, etc.

    How Would You Improve The Community: by showing leadership

    Do You Know Any Basic Staff Commands (Name 7): /ban, /unban, /banip, /mandemote ( rank ), /op, /gmc, invisee, /helpop, / socialspy, /nick

    Have You Ever Been Banned (If Not Put N/A): N/A

    What Is Your Current Rank In-Game: lvl 2

    Do You Know Any Other Languages: nope just english

    Will You Be Active On The Forums: Definitly

    Amount Of Time You Can Spend On The Server: 2-3 hrs per day

    Timezone:west coast

    Anything Else: I will be online lots

    below is my personal application i allways like to add on to the required application

    my app will be for admin though cause i love this job

    First off please excuse my bad grammar
    here is my app:

    My name Is moneycreator35 my real name is Miachel Smith, i am applying for the staff position of Admin
    because i love to LEAD and help people. I found out i was a great leader while in BSA ( boy scouts) i was a Life scout rank at the time and just ran for the role of SPL (means leader of the troop ( i was in charge of 20 - 40 people) )> I got the job of SPL and i lead and directed every meeting, every campout, everything, and honestly i liked that. Also because of BSA i am now a way better listener and i am a lot lessed stressed out in stressful situations because now i know i can handle them on my own.

    Name Moneycreator35

    age 16

    time I have been on this server: a brief while, but i will spend a full 5 hrs online after i submit this app

    Communication: Email:

    Postion i am applying for: Admin

    Previous experience: LOTS i have been admin on atleast 5 other servers they sadly have gone offline :( . when i get admin i Expect you to Expect a lot out of me, because i will be very good at the postion you give me.

    Special stuff about me: i am an Eagle Scout, i am a pro at making minigames, and i can play online about every day for about 1 - 3 hrs depends on the day

    What can i bring to this server: LOTS of things
    -anything ( if i dont know it i WILL learn it and make it for you

    If someone in a position higher than yourself is doing or acting inappropriately toward another staff member or a non-staff member.
    1.Who do you tell?

    I would tell the Owner or Co - Owner

    2.How long do you wait to tell them?

    I tell them as soon as they get online

    3.If it was something worthy of banning them for (and you had the power to do something) would you
    A-Ban them
    B-Issue a warning
    C-Take away staff privileges permanently
    D-Take Away staff privileges temporarily and issue a warning as well
    { Personal application that i like to add on }

    i would do option B

    Knowladge with plugins?

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA iknow how to do lots of stuff, if i dont know it i will learn it.

    What I will bring to the server:
    -Skywars ( i am making one right now for another server, im almost done making it)
    -Hide and seek
    -Pvp Arena
    -TONS of others stuff

    How often will i be online?
    - About 3-4 hrs a day, kindof depends on the day

    -15 1/2 almost 16

    What i like to do?

    And if their is anything i dont know i will Learn it !!!
    want more just ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is the incorrect format and place to submit the application. If you like, you can read the correct format and submit an application here. I wish you the best of luck on your helper application! Before starting, make sure to read some tips to increase your chances of becoming a helper.
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    You cannot apply for administrator. You will have to work you way up to admin from helper. Cubecraft also doesn't easily make staff member administrator, so don't get too excited.
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