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Please add my map Skywars map I worked so hard and I love creating maps and mini games it would really make my day if you would add my map


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Jan 5, 2017
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First of all, awesome work! It's amazing to see you put time in making a map for us to add.
In the current state, I'd say the map is not fit for CubeCraft.
- The map is rather basic and themeless. Try to think of a theme next time, this would help when making the islands.
- Make sure the map is balanced. I see A LOT of chests in the middle, a bit too many if you'd ask me.
- The layout of the map is a big one. The map you made has a basic layout, just a circle of small islands in the outer ring, then one big island in the middle. A very important thing about map submissions is the fact that the layout has to be as unique as possible ~ think of some fun stuff! The more unique, the better!

And most importantly, don't get disencouraged. Everyone starts somewhere.
Jul 1, 2020
Um, if you want to make jokes and mess around, then there is a memes thread.
If you weren't, Im sorry for the offence.
On the map:
It is way too pure and basic, for the CubeCraft standards.
I'm not saying, that every Skywars map on CubeCraft is nice to play on, but all of them are beautiful and have their own individual features and little quirks.
I'm not a Designer, or even a player that can build anything nicer than square and triangular houses, but I can tell, that maps shouldn't look like they are from the spartan minecraft era, especially on higher grade servers.
Thats extremely offensive. I, myself, an artist who has seen hundreds of master level maps has fallen to the sheer bueaty of that map and to you it’s a joke? you clearly have no artistic vision.
Jul 1, 2020
Also I want to say go fuck youself to the players who says it needs a few improvements bcs it clearly needs big improvements. Its not bcs its his first map that you gotta be okay with it.
That map is a masterpiece and if you can’t accept that read the 6 to 8 word of your disgusting message


Mar 1, 2019
Thats extremely offensive. I, myself, an artist who has seen hundreds of master level maps has fallen to the sheer bueaty of that map and to you it’s a joke? you clearly have no artistic vision.
I was absolutely serious about my verdict.
I'm not the right guy to make jokes with.
If you wish to make jokes and have fun, then there is a official memes thread.


May 30, 2020
Cool start but needs a lot of work the islands are too plain and small, and there are too many unorganized chests in the middle so u can’t fight. But good start.


Sep 23, 2017
The Netherlands
Imagine building an map for days and then this map gets accepted. I also don't understand why you find this yourself a good map to be accepted. I really hope this is a troll as I don't want to hurt you if you really tried your best to make a map. If you really want a map to be accepted you should improve your skills by looking at youtube tutorials and asking people what they think about your map but this map hasn't a theme or even any details at all. First off all the clock in the mid doesn't look that good and idk what you tried by putting a tree in the middle of that the map. Also the islands are so poor lol. I like the lava tho xD that should be added
one bucket of water over it and nobody can complain about getting shot into the void xD


Sep 18, 2016
omg no way
Jesus christ you don't have to reply to everything, just leaving your reaction was enough.

What’s necropostinh?
Necroposting is posting on a thread that hasn't been posted on for 3 weeks. However, this doesn't apply to certain threads like Map Submissions, meaning that you didn't break the rules.
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