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    Not many of you know me but I am Cookiekidkronos. I have been in clans for about a year now and I have seen the rise and fall of minecraft player. The goal of me helping to create this clan is to unify the players of Minecraft, promote Minecraft youtube channels/twitch channels. We have tons of servers we play on and all players are welcome to join. We are trying to make people a part in something bigger. In Phoenix we are trying to bring players to their highest potential.

    Our clan is just a bunch of people who want to have fun playing a block game and if having fun with others is what you desire come to join us!


    - Friendly

    - Help other people out, whether they are in the guild or not.

    - Obey Phoenix rules

    -Must have discord

    Application Format

    What you would like us to call you:


    Timezone in EST:

    Why do you want to join?:

    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    What other clans have you been in:

    History of punishments on any minecraft server:

    What's your favorite game?:


    We use Discord to communicate as it is much more organized and free to use. If you do not know what Discord is, it is a software which is the combination between Skype and TeamSpeak, but unlike TS it is free to use. Discord DOES NOT have to be downloaded on your desktop, It can be used via browser and iPhone and Android as an app. The link to our private discord will be given as soon as you join the guild. In our Discord we have multiple bots that can stream music ask questions and even play games with.


    1] Be nice to all members, and show respect to everyone. Constantly being disrespectful may result in being kicked.

    2] We have no patience towards hacking, if you are caught you will be immediately kicked and reported.

    3] No spamming discord.

    4] Asking for a promotion will lower your chances of getting promoted becoming one.

    5] Please use English in the guild chat, keep other languages in private chat.*

    6] If you have conflicts with other guild members, please private message me.

    7] If you are not active, you may be kicked. Let us know before you leave!

    8] do not abuse of the bot in other words keep bot spam in #bot

    9] do not summon the bot for music anywhere except the music lounge

    Clan vs Clan:

    We constantly do clan vs clan on multiple servers to keep our members active and to spark friendly rivalries to sharpen our pvp skills and to become more like a family.

    Pm me your applications an Good luck!
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    This isn't related to Cubecraft. Can a staff member please lock?
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    If you'd like to meet other players, feel free to join ts or our server.
    You can always ask players to join from there...But please don't do it here on the forums since its something called "advertising".

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