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Oct 29, 2022
We have been part of this great server for a long time, both being a frequent player of CTF and other modalities. But in many recent updates we have noticed the bugs, and some problems that the server has had over time, some things that they remove such as the cosmetics of the skins, the capes, in my opinion I think that this has made several players have wanted to withdraw in recent months, because of that type of things and unnecessary updates, we do not see the need for a 10v10 mode in ctf and bridges, replacing a mode so loved by the cubecraft community such as blockwars, which is the classic 5v5. Cubecraft has been the server that made many of us who today make up this community great friends, for more than 2 years playing. cubecraft It has been and will be the best at listening to the opinions of its users.
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Happy Birthday
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hello, I was wondering how I can be designer
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