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New Skywars kit ideas

How do you like these kits?

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Jun 20, 2014
If you are going to add some of these kits, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THEM DONOR ONLY!!!!

My Skywars kit ideas!!

Alright so I have noticed that some kits in my opinion are completely useless.

So I decided to think of some ideas!

The color marks how OP this kit will be. The really OP kits will be SUPER expensive.

UP -- bad-ish -- average -- very good -- OP

Swordsman Lv4 -- Price: 3000 points.
Icon: Diamond Sword, Sharpness 2.
Contents: Diamond Sword, Sharpness 2.
Description: Swordsman Lv4 is the most powerful sword kit. This super-powerful sword can shoot lazors (well not really) but it can deal TONS of damage to your foes, if you can get the points to buy this...
I would spend 3000 points on this for sure.

Tank Lv4 -- Price: 4000 points.
Icon: Diamond Helmet.
Contents: Full diamond armour.
Description: This kit is the most powerful tank in Skywars. It will give you TONS of defense against your foes so it will be way harder for them to take you down.
OK, I get that this is OP, but 4000 points is a lot.

Enchanter Lv2 -- Price: 1000 points.
Icon: Anvil.
Contents: Enchantment table, 64x Bottle o' Enchanting, Anvil.
Description: This kit gives you the normal Enchanter Lv1 kit stuff with an added bonus: an anvil. You get an enchantment table, 64 exp bottles and an anvil so you can come out of your island with amazing enchanted gear.

Builder Lv2 -- Price: 350 points.
Icon: Cobblestone
Contents: 32x Cobblestone
Description: This kit is much better than Builder Lv1, because it gives you over 2 times the blocks. Half a stack of cobblestone, just for you.

Scout Lv2 -- Price: 400
Icon: Speed 2 Potion
Effect: Permanent Speed 2.
Description: This kit makes you very quick and agile and lets you do everything a bit faster.

If you don't like them, sorry :(


Jun 27, 2014
I like the Idea of the Kits, But Tank lv. 4 would be way to OP, but everything else is fine, lv. 4 swordsman price should be increased, it's very OP.


May 20, 2014
McDonalds :D
Tank and Swordsman are wayyyyyyyy to OP. If your obsidian (like I am), you could just choose them 2 and get them straight of the bat. Should remove those. Everything else, fine.
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