New Minigame Idea: Cube Wars

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lifedeather, Nov 26, 2015.

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    Hello, This is Lifedeather/EnderCreeperJacl(In-Game)- This is my first post on the forums though I am not new to the forums or the server. So I came up with a unique idea for a Minigame. This Game is called Cube Wars. There are 4 teams and the map can be medium to large. Each base has a HQ or a Town Hall. There is a block in the middle of the Town Hall that you click and can purchase other buildings such as a Farm for food and Guard Tower for Protection or Mage Tower for Spells. When you purchase the building, you get a block and place it on the map and the building builds itself with a really cool animation. You buy the buildings with money which you get from mining ores/cutting trees. Each map has ores from mines(Each worth different amounts/Different raritys) and also if you cut down a tree you also get Money . 75% of the money you collect goes to your personal balance (Upgrading Your Sword, buying food...) and 25% goes to your Team Balance (Buying buildings, Buying walls). You can destroy the terrain but the entities don't drop. There are also classes/kits which we can select at the start of the game such as Assassin(Invisibility) or Mage(Fireball Staff) Each team has 5-10 members maybe more or less and a Grace Period is optional(4 teams usually).

    Each Team will have a Town Hall in the Middle of their Base with the Hall`s Color as the Teams Color. By Chopping Down Trees or Mining the Gold you can spend the Team Gold on Buildings like Farms for Food, Greenhouse for Trees and Plants Or Walls which when you place down makes a Medieval Wall or a Column to protect people from getting inside your base, Traps Building for Buying Traps... (These are just examples, more buildings can be made) Also I am also thinking of a Level System where you go to each Buildings Core and Upgrade which slowly destroys the building and makes a whole new one at the same spot even better. When you Buy a Building you will get a Block you place that block down where you want the building to spawn. The Menu for Buying Buildings Should have a description of the Building and How much it costs(Like other games on Cubecraft the Menu for Buying can be inside a Villager). Classes are also still a work in progress, also you should give ideas on what classes you would like :)

    Some Examples Could be-

    Scout- Permanent Speed 2
    Inferno- Fire Aspect I on any Sword
    Assassin- Invisibility Cloak
    Mage- Spells...

    Base Destroying-
    You can not destroy the town hall, but there also should be a building called the church- it would be expensive and you should definitely get guard towers and traps to defend it. The Church Makes it So you are always revived slowly but you lose your stuff at the lowest level and as you upgrade it, faster respawn times as well as keeping some stuff on death. Each Building has a core in the middle for upgrading, by using a Pickaxe the opposing Team can destroy the building and the building will slowly crumble.Without the Church you get no respawns.

    Work in Progress but some ideas could be:

    Conqueror- Destroy a Enemy Building
    Ruler- Win a Game of Cube Wars
    King- Win 100 games of Cube Wars
    Addicter- Play for 100 hours
    Sweet Revenge- Kill the Player who Killed you before someone else does.
    ...More to be Added

    Heres One of My Ideas for CubeCraft :)

    Thanks for Reading!

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    This really sounds fun, kinda like Bloons Tower Defence to be honest. Which is a childhood favourite of everyones ;)
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    Why does everyone get with the word 'Wars'. :p
    But I like the idea tho. +0.95