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New Mini-Game suggestion

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Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
What about a minigame with horses?

1. Everyone spawn with a horse.

2. The spawn distance should be about 50 blocks.

3. The goal is to make the enemy player fall from his horse. (To kill the horse.) (Poor horses >:C)

4. If a player disconnects while in game, he won't be able to join.

5. If a player gets killed ON the horse, he's out of the game.

6. If a player's horse gets killed while the player is ON the horse, he's out of the game.

7. Kits? Yeah i don't really know about kits, but something like, upgrading horse armor, speed, etc.

I think that's first ever minigame would be released? I mean... I haven't seen something like horse fights.. So that would be awesome to see the server something really unique.

I have no idea what about the plugin/minigame coding. I have no experience on coding, soo.... Good luck, sounds like a nice idea for me.

Oh and, about the minigame names... I have no idea, maybe.... "Horse Fights"...
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