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New mini game idea


Jul 12, 2014
My idea for a mini game is based off the game Mario Kart where players race each other and can pickup power ups to throw at enemies.

My idea is that racing maps are made for this minigame so when players play the mini game the map can rotate

players have speed 2 the whole race but when hit by obstacles they lose there speed for 2 seconds

also i believe players will enjoy maps that have short cuts and passageways so players keep coming back to play to learn the map and all its hidden secrets

And a currency for getting in either 1st 2nd and 3rd so when players save up enough they can buy upgrades for the powerups
Jan 13, 2014
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I do a lot of work with spawners and command blocks on another server, so I'm pretty well versed when it comes to matters of nbt data. You could easily make something like this without plugins.
Ideas on how to make this super simple:
  • Instead of speed II, players have to ride pigs with unbreaking 100 carrots on sticks. Makes it a little more interesting than just running.
  • Special power-ups can be dropped as items using spawners. All items have a pos variable, so you can set the item to spawn on an exact block.
  • Spawners can also be set to spawn to a given tick (1 tick=1/20th of a second) so you can time perfectly when power-ups appear.
  • Thrown potion spawners can buff/debuff you, like obstacles in Mario Kart. (Speed 10 for 5 seconds, nausea for 10 seconds, etc.)
You can always code a plugin to make more Mario Kart-esque items, like homing snowballs or exploding arrows, but the majority of this game can be done with vanilla nbteditor. Another idea might be to give the player speed 30 and jump boost 10 (or something else difficult to control) and have them run around like crazy on the tracks. This would cut the pigs and carrot on a stick out of the equation, which makes it less detrimental if you get stuck in water or a 2-block high hole.
This minigame idea is pretty original and sounds like a ton of fun. I'd love to see it get added in some form.
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