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New Map Ideas?


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Jan 30, 2014
Hi Story Here.
so I spent 5 hours last night brain storming ideas and thinking a lot about maps and coordinating ideas to blocks and trying to figure out some map ideas for skywars.
my First Idea was 'Graveyard'
There was a Concept Art and then I would go and do it.
I need more ideas, I had a technology theme and internet theme, because skywars lacks something like that, I also had an amazing idea which I want to pull off and finish, I was Wondering if anybody could tell me if it is possible to make a map that could hold 50 - 100 people? I really think it would be spectacular, it would be a real challenge for all the good players. The Ultimate Challenge and it would stop traffic for other maps.

If this is possible I was wondering if I could create the map, I have taken in some tips and ideas and I think I could really do it.

Ideas are Welcome Below and Please tell me if the map is possible.
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