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May 31, 2021

I recently thought of something CubeCraft could add to the server to make it more interesting
This may or may not have been done before, I don’t know - I’m just showing you all an idea of what CubeCraft could do

It is…….. ‘Achievements‘

I thought that next to lobby change, loot, social menu and gift menu in the hotbar, there could be a fifth thing where it opens your CC Achievements of what you’ve done on CubeCraft

For example:
Achievement for getting to level 100
Achievement for getting 1000 wins of any gamemode
Achievement for killing a leaderboard player (any game mode)

And I thought that if you got an achievement, it would pop up on the screen and could be added to the total level on the bottom as a small bonus or maybe a medal or something like that

Let me know what you all think!
Also please subscribe to ‘TheSquareRaptor7‘ on YouTube (that is if you’d like)

Thank you soooo much for reading :D
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