New game: TNT wars!

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  1. 1212hawks_

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    Before you say anything, I didn't copy this idea from anyone and this is 100% original (Well, I don't know lol)
    So, let's get into this explaining :D.
    Point of game

    Basically, the point of the game is to destroy people's eggs. The catch is, you can not bridge over to people's islands. So, you may be wondering, "How do you do that?" Well, here is how: You have to get iron and gold to make a cannon. It's somewhat like eggwars but, every generator starts with level 1. Also, the egg is in plain sight. You can buy These things: Cobble, water, redstone, and redstone blocks. Then, you can buy any amour and any food. So, after you destroyed your opponent's egg, you now have to kill them with a tnt cannon :D. So, last person to survive will win. Also, the maps will not make it hard for players to destroy the egg and, the egg will be in the middle of the map where no one can put protection around it. Also, players can NOT build to the other islands. Also, the islands will be very close together to make the game more fun. So, what do you guys think about this game? Leave a comment with your opinion. ;P

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  2. Spyro the Dragon

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    Tnt wars is a public map game not a server game, like monster industries and parkour maps, however tnt has such a high blast radius it be to easy, also anything end related is blast resistant including the egg i think, so if this could be modified it might work
  3. Ping Ether

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    OMG Dude, I was gonna make a suggestion on this but then I thought, the game is really complicated for who doesn't know redstone.
    My solution would be to make this a CHALLENGED DUEL ONLY option in PvP Duels. So, you know who you're fighting with and if they know redstone themselves.
    If the block under the egg explodes tho, the egg will move. Which can trigger a series of commands such as making the other player win.

    If you don't mind I'd suggest a few things such as buying obsidian from the shop, because the egg's in plain sight.
    Also probably higher explosion resistance to all blocks, just optional, but might avoid complete mayhem.
  4. TheFastBowler

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    I think something like this was suggested before, and I did like it. It is a more exciting egg wars mode and I would love to see this, I think Nobody or someone else had suggested this.....+1 :D
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  5. agent320

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    There are w problems with this
    1.All dem lag
    2. The playstyle. The first person to make a spamcannon wins. In tnt wars there is no time for building a good strategic powerfull cannon. The best option would probably be a 10 min buoldphase to make a powerful cannon ans then tnt for dayz.
  6. EliteGamer24

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    Yes this idea would make the game much better. Good concept.