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Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
As i saw in some servers, there is a game called "Dwarfs vs. Zombies" or "Dwarves vs.Zombies" (I forgot now) But it's a nice game, usually plays over 60 players, and it's pretty nice minigame.

Soo let me explain what's that:

Teams: There's 2 groups of teams. Dwarves, and Zombies. Usually all players are dwarves, and about 2-5 random people are zombies.
Classes: In the 2 teams, there are different classes. The zombies have all the monster classes. (Skeleton, creeper, silverfish, wolf, wither, zombie, golem, snowgolem, etc.)
The dwarves have a little bit of more complicated classes: Builder, alchemist, blacksmith, baker, tailor.
Class equipment/abillities: Zombies have it own stuff. For example: Skeleton has a power bow, or just a bow, creeper can suicide, silverfish can easily destroy and make more silverfishes near stone/bricks. etc.
Dwarves have to do their job to get the reward. For example, there's a blacksmith. He's getting swords and stuff. But to get swords, he needs... for example.. Well 4 golden clocks. Soo he needs to smelt the gold, then craft it. After that, he gets random rarity stuff. For example: The common ones are 60%. It's "Dwarven sword" "Dwarven bow" (etc.). There's 20% of the Uncommon stuff. Probably it's like "Unreal sword, Demonic sword" Something like that, because i can't think off a nice names. Soo there's 10% of a Legendary items. "Legendary sword" etc. and 8% Chaotic stuff. They are veeeeeery rare, and they have nearly the best enchants. "Chaotic sword", something like that. And 2% of the God's stuff. It has better than Chaotic items, and has the BEST items. It's rarer than anything. Soo something like that.
Shrine: There's a goal in everygame. Soo here's this mini-game's goal. Dwarves goal, to defend the shrine, zombie goal is to destroy it. (It's ench table).
Spawn: Zombie spawn will be about 50-100 blocks away from the dwarves base. And the dwarves base have to do it's own. But it has to be like 5 block distance from shrine blocking. I saw some awesome castles and houses, traps and bunkers dwarves made in other servers [:
Time: The mini-game won't last forever. The time for zombies to release, will be about 500 secs. The time for zombies to DESTROY the shire, is 1300 secs.
Assassins: There are "Spyes" in the zombie team. They are called Assassins. They act like the real dwarves, but they can kill them. And either way, dwarves can kill assassins too.
Nexus: I nearly forgot to mention "Nexus", without it, everyone would be unarmed. It's a Public bank/inventory. In there, you can share the equipment, potions, and all other goodies. The nexus has to be in everyone's inventory. They can't throw it, or place it. It's ender chest.
If you want to actually know how to play it, or just to see the whole idea, just go in google, and write "Minecraft: Dwarves Vs. Zombies"
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