New Game Mode Idea #4 (Just the idea, comment what should I fix or add)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Extrax | Tweek, Nov 17, 2016.

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    First, I’ll say that this “New Game Mode Idea” comes MOSTLY in 3 threads.

    1. The Game Mode (This is where you comment what I should add or fix)
    2. The Improved Game Mode (This is my answer to your problems if there’s anyone who disagrees or more I’ll send a private message or I’ll quote his comment and then edit the thread)
    3. The Final Version (This is where I’ll have everything down and finally edited ready to be published if anyone disagrees with the Game Mode Idea all you do is answer the question I’ll write)
    Thanks For Reading! <3


    THREAD #1
    First of all, I'm going to say that I'm not sure if there's another server with this game mode or not, if there is just tell it once and then tag a staff member to lock, please :)

    Now, this game mode is based on 1 or more teams (HAS TO BE 2 OR MORE) that are going to capture points... like a base point kind of capture.... not sure if anybody understands what I'm saying but it's like there are 3 places on the map called "A" "B" and "C" the teams have to go into this three bases/flags and hold/capture them. (The game mode does not capture the flag) Once each team captures a base they start gettings points (To win not for kits) the first team who gets up to the specific amount of points asked for they win, the players are able to kill each other with swords and gear.The kits could be.... I'm not really sure if these are good (Not too OP) but still, one of the kits could be a pet (a wolf probably), then maybe to capture bases faster (Not sure how much faster), more damage increased on your weapon, and probably a really Op kit would be having ONE Ender Pearl (Only one per game).the wolf kit could be about 1000 points, the capture bases could be 1500-2000 points, the increased damage could be 2000-2500 points and the Ender Pearl kit could be about 2500-3500 points.

    I know this thread is different than the last 2, is because this is just the idea of the game, I need you guys to comment what you think and what I should add or fix. then I'll add those in a different thread. and finally, there would be a final game mode idea, more improved.

    Comment what I should fix and/or add please :)
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    We used to have a game like this, but it was replaced by Minerware.

    Also, this game is majorly copied off of TnT Wizards on LowPixel. Although I would love to see that game on Cube, I'm 99% sure they wouldnt.
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    XD again I agree. I like minerware lot better so I don't think this needs to be added ;) but I like the way you are trying to make cubecraft into better server keep it up!!
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    This sounds like an altered version of that one game in COD where you have to disarm the terrorists bomb before it blows up/ everyone is killed, mixed with king of the hill
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    We used to have a game like this, nice that you cubecraft on the road to a better server!
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    Now to test you... what game did you mean?


    It reminds me of Team Deathmatch of a server that I used to play when I was No Premium combined with a bit (nothing) of CTF and adding the points system and kits... haha

    I like the idea of game you have