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    Hello, if you're bored then you will have a lot of text to read here.

    Here are some ideas we've thinked of, and would like to see if you guys like it.

    Based on Garry's Mod gamemode "Murderer".

    Murderer is a simple game where 1 guy is choosen randomly to be the Murderer.

    Murderer's job is to kill all the other people, but the other people don't know who the murderer is.

    Also there's 1-3 guys randomly choosen to have the gun, which is 1 shot kill.

    The Murderer have a 1 hit kill knife (Sword) which could be throwable (I don't know about that the throwing yet)

    If the guy with a bow kills an innocent guy (That is not the murderer) will drop the bow automatically, and then couldn't pick it up again. Also will get blindness effect for 3 seconds, and will get -2 Points when the game ends. (Probably)

    The Murderer can't pick the bow up.

    Also the Murderer haves 3-4 minutes to kill all the innocents, or the Innocent people will win the game.
    If he kills all people, Murderer wins.

    (Winning for Murderer 10 Points, Winning for Innocents 10 points, -2 for the guy who killed innocent guy)

    Based on "The Hidden" game.

    1 person is randomly choosen to be The Hidden.

    Hidden's job is to kill all the other people.

    Other people are "SWAT, Police, Whatever you wanna call them" and have to kill the Hidden.

    He gets a sword that is 3 hit kill.

    Deppending on the amount of players in the game, the hidden gets specific buffs:
    (He starts with invisibillity)

    2 players: Jump boost 1 (2 hp)
    3 players: A smoke grenade. (3 hp)
    4 players: - (4 hp)
    5 players: Speed boost 1 (5 hp)
    6 players: - (6 hp)
    7 players: Jump boost 2 (7 hp)
    8 players: Abillity to "Scream" when you have 70 LVL, you will be able to scream, and blind surrounding people, 12 block radius. (8 hp)
    9 players: - (9 hp)
    10 players: Abillity to use "Telekenesis" when you have 100 LVL, you will be able to teleport into a location you're facing to. (10 hp)
    11 players: - (12 hp)
    12 players: - (14 hp)
    13 players: Speed boost 2 (16 hp)
    14 players: Second smoke grenade (18 hp)
    15 players: 2 hit kill. (20 hp)

    The server would only have 16 players playing 1 server. Not too much, not that small amount.

    There are also classes for the normal people too.

    You choose a class before the game starts. If you fail to choose a class, you start with the basic Assault class.

    Assault - Has only a bow. (Stone+)

    Engineer - Has a shotgun. [When fires a bow, it comes up with 3 arrows.], also haves a temperature detector, [When Hidden comes near by the detector, fireworks starts to flash] (Iron+)

    and etc. Can't really think of many classes and stuff.

    Basically there's time limit too.
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    i like hidden but what about hackers they have things called tracers which can see invis people so
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    No TTT? D:
    I'd like to see The Hidden at CCG, it's a really fun minigame and i'm sure a lot of people are gonna love it too.
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    Yeah.. That's a problem actually.