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Do you want a cool down for all the weapons in Cubecraft?

  1. Yes!

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  2. No.

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  1. Unfearful

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    I have seen a lot, a lot... of threads about the new 1.9 update, why is that? Why are most of the people hating on it? "Because it is different"? Yes, I agree, it is not the old mc we all knew..

    But think about it: Shields, wings, new arrows etc. It's cool.. Right?

    What I really like of the new update is the dual wielding, it's really cool to play with. Even all the new sounds added to the gameplay.

    And yeah, then you have the cool down for all weapons, no jitterclicking anymore, no strafing, not a normal PvP fight where you were used to. I know this will be a lot different.. It is. But don't hate it too much, because from now everyone will have a chance to kill people, even when you were/are a "good PvP'er". This is the main thing a lot of people hate, and to be honest, I don't like it either.

    So, to make a kind of poll, I really want to know what you think about the cool down of different weapons, need it be removed in the future or not? ^Pls vote above, this would be greatly appreciated^.

    Now I want to say all the bugs I found by playing games on Cubecraft. This is only for the developers :)


    - Fishing rod is bugged when you use it in duel wielding.
    - When the game starts, it takes a while when I will be able to see someone.
    - It's difficult to hit someone in game. This is really annoying.
    - I where teleported to a flat land one time.
    - And the axe is a little bit too OP.

    There are a lot of other bugs, but I hope this will be fixed soon.

    I think it is a great update, except the cooldown then..

    Thanks for reading if you did ;)


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  2. LowFat

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    I too like everything introduced in 1.9 except the sword cooldown.
    I voted for remove the cooldown :)
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  3. iLoveYouu

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    If they remove the cooldown, they have to nerf the axes for sure..
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  4. iKick

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  5. iKick

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    I think everyone hate PvP in 1.9 but the cooldown is so annoying!
  6. Zhypo

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    So I have explained in a other thread how the hitting works. I will copy past the text if you haven't already readed it.
    But in my eyes, I don't like the cool down either. But they have changed the game so you have to be smarter what you use, when you use.
    Maybe you're heared about killing someone with banter?! It's using lava, hand, or other items that aren't a sword or bow.
    Being smart is helping me out to farm some wins, try to use lava more often.

    Here is the text where I explain a little bit how hitting works, and what the most effective way is to get kills.

    I have been playing it and getting the hang of it. So the way it works, as everyone knows, is different.
    If you would wait until your sword ready's up, you do more damage than spam clicking it.
    Also I found out that if you would be moving forwards, and have your sword fully ready'd up. You deal even more damage.
    This could mean, that if you have a good timing until your sword is ready, and run forwards you can deal a lot of damage.
    Of course there are also critical hits. Use that with all of the things above, and you should be able to kill you enemy players faster!

    Have fun trying it out
  7. CattyCat

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    LOL that's the only reason 1.9 gets hate :D.
    I, on the other hand, hate it for a very different (and technical reason), also you all probably already know it :(.
  8. Buffy1970

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    shields and wings are not a part of minecraft. in mincraft you use a sword and bow to pvp, you jump down and take fall damage. And no, everones does not have to chance to kill everyone. The most geared people win. i used to be able to kill full irons in eggwars. now it is very close to impossible. IN eggwars the best options to just camp and get op stuff like gapples. This make the game mode very boring. Im confused why mojang would decide to completely alter minecraft, a game that has done very well for them.