Nerf punch III bows to punch I in op skywars

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Do you think punch III bows need a nerf?

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  1. dragonking3002

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    btw I spent like a hour on this so please don't think tl;dr ;-;

    The stats of a punch III bow

    I can understand a well timed shot on someone bridging is a well deserved kill and I can understand op is about being op but... punch III bows are not only way to op, they encourage pathetic tactics. For example a punch I bow does 5-6 blocks of knock-back while punch II does 9 knock-back, I couldn't find sources of how far punch III knocks-back because you cant get that enchant legit but if we follow the pattern punch III bows should do 11-13 blocks of knock-back.12 blocks of knock-back is extremely excessive if you think about it

    The problems of the punch III bow caused by the map sizes

    after measuring the width of most island maps I came to the conclusion that they are about usually 4-8 blocks wide and NOT ALL(excluding the excessively big maps with way to much space) maps have cover like solo mushroom or team mushroom so a good archer could knock off 3 to 4 people without any challenge at the start of the game

    Main problem of punch III bows(If you can't be botherd, read this and encouraged tactics)
    You CANT melee anyone if they have punch III bows because they have way to much knock-back and islands are far to small so games become 30 minute long stall fests

    Most likely Op scenarios

    Now, you just spawned in a game with randoms and you just opened your first chest 2 things can happen here. 1 you can get knocked off the ledge by a fast looter with a punch III bow or you could loot the chest as normal and get a punch III bow because they are handed out like free samples at fancy stores. You know finished looting chests and got a nice 9.5 damage diamond sword some armor and other goodies and you surface from the cave that most maps have and you see some people have enderpearled to mid, some have bit nice little forts and the rest are getting shot across the map while building bridges. 4 things could happen to you. 1 you get knocked off the ledge while you're at the middle of your island without cover.2 you enderpearled to mid and immediately get shot off the ledge by someone with a punch III bow 3. you bridge to mid while people are fighting and distracted or 4. You build a lil' fort and shoot people off of ledges with the ever so op punch III bow. Next lets assume you somehow made if to mid without getting any deathstares from kill hungry bow spammers. 1 of 2 things can happen. 1. (most likely) there are all ready someone or a team there camping and then they see you, you engage them in sword to sword combat but once they realize their 1.8 spammy tactics don't work then bam! your in the middle of mid and you get 2 shotted with a punch III bow and fall into the abyss. situation 2. you're alone or with your team and now you have deathstares from all the remaining players who want to go to mid, you can't leave mid without a enderpearl and live to tell the tale so you're stuck shooting people off of ledges with punch III bows waiting till someone kills you or you win the game. You've killed many people now and everyone except for 1 foe is dead weather it be the person who built a lil' fort at their island or person who camped at mid and now your squabling with them who builds a bridge first to mid or their island for bout 10-20 minutes and they agree to go to your island/mid to 1v1 swords only as long as you don't shoot and 3 things could happen. 1. they make it to your island and shoot you off the ledge ez pz, git rekt scrub. 2. you knock them off the ledge like a dishonorable scrub and win 3. you fight honorably with only swords and win or lose the match like a good person

    tactics encouraged by punch III bows

    *bow spam at close quarters
    *ledge kills
    *running in circles to heal n shoot
    *Avoiding melee combat at all costs

    So this is why I think Punch III bows should be nerfed to punch I bows
  2. Qin Shihuangdi

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    I think instead of nerfing them, a knockback 3 sword would be better as you need to melee to kill with that.
  3. awesomebutter234

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    I think you are forgetting that spamming works with knock back.
  4. FeloPlayz

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    Just get rid of the punch 3 bows.... Done
  5. cavern101

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    I don't like skywars.
    Now I will leave.