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Oct 21, 2015
First things first, who am I?
I am a relatively old timey player. I have played this game on and off since 2015 (Java), though have since moved on to Bedrock because that version is just... funnier. Why is this important? I don't want to look like baseless forum complainer #53355.

I will strictly be talking about the OP gamemode & bedrock version of this update.

Am I late to this? Probably. Anyway, all in all, I think this update was... interesting. I can see why they felt the need for change, but at the same time, Eggwars has always been what it's been, and I personally never really saw an issue with the gameplay or meta or whatever. I'm sure that eventually everyone will get used to it, whether they like it or not. That's not to say I have a few gripes with the OP mode changes. Now, I don't really consider myself a tryhard or sweat or whatever you wanna call those, I do think I'm good at the game, but I don't play games like my life depends on it. I just play the game to have fun with my mate. So excuse me if my arguments seem a little flawed.

First things first, the armor prices, protection level and removal of sharpness.
Why was this ever changed? The gamemode just feels like normal mode but everyone gets a head start since iron is the starter armor now. And protection 1 is not ''high'' enough to warrant the OP status imo. Diamond armor only costing gold does not help in the slightest, since it essentially doubles your ehp (effective health) over iron armor. The low protection level and no sharpness (which used to kind of balance out the high protection) completely takes away the OP factor from the gamemode. The old system was perfectly reasonable. Sure, chain armor was a little niche and expensive but sometimes it had its uses, at least in my cases. Again, the gamemode just feels like normal mode without leather as the starter armor. Going from 4 possible sets ranging from low to high tier to the 3 highest tiers of armor is not good. It's also a shame how the low protection level completely removes being able to fall from high places, which was a good technique, and a nice alternative to buying an ender pearl, to use against people who do nothing but buy bows (build to build limit and just bridge over their base and jump down while eating something).
The main reason why I liked the high protection level were the longer fights and, as beautifully stated in another thread, the ability to defy all odds. I had little to no reason to worry about fighting players in iron armor whilst only being in leather armor myself because, and excuse my egoism here LOL, 9/10 times, I'm just the better player. In the current system, I take 2-3 hearts of damage from a netherite sword/trident if I'm only in iron armor.
I personally don't really like going from not having to worry that much even if just in leather to dying in 4-5 hits but I can understand that this was probably done to give not-as-good players more of a chance against the better ones with worse gear.

What would I change?
  • Re-add leather as the first tier of armor.
  • Increase the price of iron armor. Maybe to gold since chain is removed?
  • Buff protection by at least 1 level.
  • A stretch, but give all boots some level of feather falling for reasons stated above. Or make it a kit.
  • Change diamond armor to cost diamonds, but cheaper than netherite, naturally.
  • Another stretch, but re-add at least sharpness 1.
I would also like to touch on the pickaxe changes. Mainly the max level of efficiency only being 2. (ignoring enchanting with emeralds). I understand that this was (how I see it) done to counteract obsidian no longer costing gold, so there is no overabundance of it in games anymore to warrant stuff like an efficiency 8 pickaxe. But please give us a pickaxe that can instamine terracotta... well, I guess it's concrete now. Since the old high tier pickaxes could hard-counter people who do nothing but build up. Also easy spleefs are funny!
It doesn't have to be diamond, it doesn't even have to be gold, I just want a pickaxe that can instamine concrete.

And last but certainly not least, why are there no more health indicators? Is this just a bug on my end? I see no reason to remove this personally.

But yeah, those are my current standings on the current situation this game's found itself in. Change is hard, especially after it's stayed pretty much the same for 7 years. I do think this whole ordeal should've been handled better. I was not there when the update dropped, but from what I've read on other threads it just kinda... happened. I'd advice using the beta games to get players to playtest future major updates and ask for their feedback using an in-game poll or something. Beta games exist for a reason, no?

Thank you for reading. Let me know if I missed something in your eyes.
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Apr 5, 2020
The Far Lucky Islands
I also noticed very huge changes in Eggwars in all modes (OP & Normal), I also don't like the pickaxe instantly breaking concrete, which will break obsidian in a second. I can agree a bit here

Also the health indicators is a known issue and I hope they raise the priority of this issue because it's been here for a while
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