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Aug 2, 2021
Little disclaimer: anything i say is not targetted at any staff member or group of players. This is just a bridge nerd sharing his opinion on the decision of replacing 5v5s with 10v10s. If you experience this thread as negative, it maybe is idk. This is just what my personal opinion is. And if you hate reading something thats longer than 5 lines then 1. you dont have to read it and 2. you are on a forum what do you expect.

I personally think 10v10 is gonna be mini giga (they even called 10v10 new giga gamemodes). I think it leans too much towards giga and is just the little baby brother version of giga. Its gonna be way too chaotic. Just imagine getting a flag or pit with 10 people defending it. What i have seen from the shared pictures is that the bridge maps are different from how bridge maps should look like. Instead of a simple bridge with 2 bases its something with some kind of middle like you have in eggwars and skywars. A reason why they might have replaced 5v5's is because giga is the most popular mode and ctf and bridges are dead. But they are dead because of mid game joining, removal of game selector and the many bugs. Transferring stats from 5v5 to 10v10 is also just weird. 10v10 is gonna more like giga. 9/10 times you are gonna join a game that already started. Most of the time you join the team thats losing because thats how humans work, they leave when its not fun anymore and thats almost every time because they are losing. Getting wins or winsstreaks is gonna be extremely hard.10v10 is gonna be a different game so i dont see the point in transferring stats. And why add 10v10 when you already have giga blockwars. Thats like they would have giga eggwars and mega eggwars. Also queing in 5v5 takes already like 5 minutes i cant imagine doing the same but with double the people.

This is just what i think if you have a different opinion you can share it. oki lolz bye


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Feb 9, 2021
they even called 10v10 new giga gamemodes
10v10 is not a new giga gamemode. 10v10 is a new team size, CTF and Bridges are gamemodes. This means Giga will now have CTF, Bridges, and two new modes; maybe even the return of Blockwars Core. This isn't me speculating, this was confirmed by Austin in the community talk.


Feb 12, 2022
Yea, I don't know how I feel about it either. But I'm optimistic for how it will feel. Maybe the maps are bigger. Maybe they've balanced it to make it better/similar to 5v5's. But either way I'm exited to see how it turns out. What do you guys think...?


Jan 23, 2024
In my opinion, the update is more of a popularity boost for CTF than an improvement to the game. I am especially upset about the PvP aspect of the game. It used to be based purely on skill, because everyone had the same armor and weapons; whoever was the most skilled was the best. So, for the past 2 to 2.5 years, I've been grinding my PvP ability, and playing no video game except CTF on CubeCraft. And I was exceptionally good at it. I would defeat nearly everyone who tried to fight me, and I earned that. But with the update, CubeCraft is encouraging the use of iron weapons/armor and putting chests all over the (huge) maps with enchanted loot in them. I am exceptionally skilled, yet I get beaten by everyone I fight, because they have all this gear I don't.
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