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    Introduce yourself! How long have you been playing on Cubecraft
    Hello Fellow Cubecraft Players!!!!Most of you know me as Lin or Linux, But my IGN is LInuxFreedom. I joined Cubecraft about 2 years ago. I first joined this server because i moved away from my home town and i was going through a very hard time, i missed my friends and it was lonely. Soon after the move i found Cubecraft and it became my second home. I was actually the nooby on the server and everyone welcomed me with open arms and made me forget the hard times, and thats where my journey began in Cubecraft.

    How old are you?

    i just turned 14 years old in February actually, Where has that time gone feels like only yesterday i was in 1st grade.

    What time zone do you live in?
    I live in the united states on the east coast

    Summarize the main rules of the server.
    No Shop Camping!!!!
    Shop Camping is basically when a play stays inside of a shop and has there In game body half way in and out and kill people or they run in and out in till the player they have targeted is dead.
    Player 1 walks out of Potion Shop
    Player2 runs in and out hitting the player in till they die.

    No spamming
    -when a player purposelys types the same message over and over again for attention or to try to get there items back, Example:
    Player: i want my pick back
    Player: i want my pick back
    Player: i want my pick back
    Player: i want my pick back
    etc. Spamming is NOT tolerated on Cubecraft servers.
    No inappropriate Behavior/ Buidlings/ Language
    -When a player cusses, builds images that should not be seen by all eyes, or is disrespectful to staff. Examples:
    Player: F*** everyone
    Player: Idc about mods they suck
    Player builds inappropriate builds
    No Hacking
    -when a player uses X-ray, nodus, or other sorts of pvp mods that are used to cheat the game and make it unfair to others, this can cause people to quit the server due to a unfair/unfun time and we do not want that, please do not use hacks.
    Describe how you would respond to a player breaking a rule.
    I believe that everyone has there own rights on servers but some rights can break server rules and cause people to quit and hate the server, thats why all rule breakers should be handled in a smart, fair, and strict way. This well prevent people from quitting the server do to un-fun times, and also stop rule breakers from doing it again. Here are some ways i would handle a rule breaker


    Player1: Help Mod, player2 is using nodus, Please help!
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: /Tp player2 (checks to see if player2 is using hacks and it is not a false claim.)
    Mod-Linuxfreedom: player2 im going to have to ask you to please remove your hacks your breaking the rules and making others have a bad time on our server.
    Player2: No idc what you say im keeping my hacks!
    Mod-Linuxfreedom: /Kick player2 Please Remove your hacks. Last warning
    Player2 joined the game
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: /jail player2 1 hour, Reason:Use of hacks


    Player4 has Been Killed by Player1
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: Player$ Please stop spamming, you are breaking the server rules
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    Mod-LinuxFreedom:/kick player4 reason: Spamming Chat. Last warning
    Player4 joined the game
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    player4: Give me things back!
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: /tempmute Player4 10 minutes, Reason: Spamming chat

    Inappropriate Language-

    Player7:/kick player3
    player3: Why The F***! did you kick me from your island!
    Player7: i wana go solo
    Player3: F*** You You Nasty B****
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: Player3 please do not use inappropriate Language
    Player3: F*** you!
    Mod-LinuxFreedom: /tempmute player3 15 minutes
    Have you supported this sever in anyway e.g. by donating[/color]
    No i have not YET, but i will be soon when i have enough money to get Cubecraft, ive been saving up to go to my old home town, so i've been putting every penny towards that, but after my trip i promise i will.

    Have you voted daily for Cubecraft?
    No, i usually am pretty good with voting but lately its just slipped my mind, and since its the summer sometimes i can't even get on the computer because i am so busy, i apologize and i will start voting as much as i can.

    Anything you like to add
    over the past 2 years cubecraft has became my second home, i came to cubecraft sad and left with the biggest smile on my face, ive actually been super joyful and i love my life and my IGL, and i love cubecraft, and i hope i can support and help as much as i can if i get mod. Thank you for your time!!!
    Love-LinuxFreedom<3 :) =)

    Yep i has a corm!
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    Do not post mod applications.
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