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Nov 12, 2017
Hey there! My name is ceep or Aveely. I am a 15 year old male from Denmark and I enjoy playing videogames such as Minecraft.

I started playing Minecraft along time ago when i was 7 or 8 and it never stops amazing me. I've been a player and member of this Server's forum and platform for a few years but never got to introduce myself. I spend most of my time on Cube playing my absolute favorite game-mode, 'EggWars'. I was a well known player a year ago or so and i had some really good fun playing with the best players on the server (1.8 Java Edition).

Lockdown and quarantine hit hard on my playtime. I played throughout a lot of my day, on CubeCraft. I had just gotten my new PC so of course i had to try it 😁
With my new PC came huge consequences as i installed lunar for the first time and went on FFA to click fast. I got instantly banned, and it triggered a mass amount of bans and unbans until I in start of summer got my account permanently banned.

I started the break the rules cause I felt the ban was unfair and so, DADDYCO0KS, was born. I was just playing on it with my friends not causing any harm, but I was aware it could get me banned at any moment. DADDYCO0KS was part of a weird section of events. I was just playing solo EggWars, and I queued a developer known as DumpLog or Elevated. It was powerline and I rushed their team as they we're my neighbors. I killed their entire team and the rest is just my guesses on what happened 🀷 I killed their team and DumpLog and his party were still spectating, and I believe that he had suspicions of me being a cheater, and so I think he was going to run a sentinel check on me, but accidentally posted a sentinel announcement that was sent to thousands of players. All the attention lead to one of my friends reporting me for fun, which lead to Alexpyt to check the report and saw my IP on DADDYCO0KS was identical to the one on my main account.

Then I was perm banned for the rest of summer and autumn, until October 23rd when I was unbanned. Since then I've still had a few bans, but none that weren't waited out respectively or unfair.

I'm an emerald rank on the network and I used to have plus and diamond rank. I'm about level 90 but I don't really play so much for levels anymore.

If you have any questions about EggWars or anything else, feel free to ask :D
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