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Mar 26, 2014
Okay so, I started to play Minecraft since 2011. XGlidingDragonX introduced me to Minecraft. He teach me a lot of things xD. One day, I opened Google and type Minecraft Servers and I found CubeCraft :D. The first game that I played on CubeCraft was KitPvp and I very loved that game. Me and Gliding were killing everybody on KitPvp :3 (not so). We also made some friends. The first guy that happens to be my friend is @rhinoscooter1 . He was a mod. I always play KitPvp with him. I have became so addicted to CubeCraft and I donated in February 2011 (I think) and my first rank was Iron then to Lapiz and finally to Gold until now :p.

Here's a list of my Friends in CubeCraft :

1) @rhinoscooter1 (Awesome Guy)
2) @Divvy1 (Derp Cake)
3) @Claudia (Crazyland Member)
4) @Joel_Lucas (Mah Bro)
5) @Lukey_Dude (Cool Fancy Derp Guy)
6) @bubblewibble (Potato)
7) @oosterlee
8) @ajax442 (Beast Pvp'er)
9) aceonteach (Actually we are enemies :p JK)
10) @rubik_cube_man (Cube Head)
11) @halothe23 (Swag)
12) @ElmTech
13) WillowOcean
14) @gedas001
15) Just4You2Watch
16) @BlazeGamingHD (Power Of The Blazes)
17) @buttrat
18) @xJoeDaBrox
19) @BlueMoon475 (Auuuuuuuuuuuuu :3)
20) FANGIRLX_ (Ma Pvp Assistant)
21) @Undead_Shadow11
22) @Saffron<3
23) @wolfsqaud
24) AlvvySmiles
25) Stop_2_Cry
26) @Nibbsy (Ma Senpai in KitPvp :3)
27) vTiki (Never Speaks in Chat)
28) fuzzybearJK
29) @TheCircleOfFire
30) @Dai_Matsumoto (Ma Japanese Teacher)
31) @tahatii
32) @prazed
33) badegg
34) @AljedTheLegit
35) JrTimeLord
36) @Kats_XD
37) solarsystem67
38) @SGTkuzey
39) Rackfull
40) Aimie
41) @PinkStr3ak
42) @musemat (mussy)
43) @jinjo90 (He resigned :( )

(Thats all I remembered. Sorry to my other friends that I din't mentioned. I forgot Ya Names D:)

Oh and I also remembered, back when I was in stone rank, I was playing KitPvp. Theres only 1 mod that is online. It was Joel. Tones of stone guys with diamond armor teamed to kill Joel. It was like 10 - 15 guys xD. Cubecraft is the most enjoyful server that I've played <3. Thank you CubeCraft fot making my life enjoyfull everyday. I hope that in the future, the CubeCraftNetwork will become the most popular server and more players will come and join The CCG Network. Thats all :D.

(Sorry for the bad grammar. Ma English is not so good D:)
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