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My ccg story so far


Jan 20, 2014
A parallel universe
It all started on a day in a month, and that month was in a year. I had finally gotten minecraft computer version by saving up some extra lunch money. I had always wanted to try a mini game after seeing minecraft you tubers play them. I found cubecraft games on mc servers and thought it was perfect.
I played on the games server for a while and it was so much fun! That was when I met gymnastobsession. We teamed up on skywars and we played on the server for a while. Then one day I accidentally pressed the survival server button. I was soon chased by a zombie and fell in a hole in my first two minutes. I was about to just quit when someone in chat was asking if anyone needed a plot. I said yes because I didn't know what else to do. I gathered up wood and stuff when he told me the commands for my own plot and sent me on my way.
I wasn't a very good survivor on my own, but I managed with the help of some other people. Soon I had a tree house and a successful shop. One day gymnastobsession comes on. I had no idea she played on the plots, but she was there. We played again just like old times. I also had another friend whose name was SameeraCat. Who I considered at that time a competing business,but soon we became friends. Then came the weddings.... I remember some of them, but probably the biggest one was SameeraCat and Awakingdead's wedding. There were red carpets a gift table white horses and flowers everywhere. And right before the wedding, plots close down! I didn't know that this would happen. So sure it was kinda broken down and was VERY laggy at times, but it was still fun. Soon most of the people from survival went to sky block, which boosted skyblock's players. It was cool, but it just didn't feel the same. One reason being that I never got to see anyone's island,but that is where I met posnerius, who had apparently worked as a slave for sameeracat on the plots.
After a while the new server came out. It was called factions. I'm going to be honest with you. I just plain didn't like it back then. It was similar to the my first time in the survival plots with the difference being I actually knew someone there that could help. Thankfully sameeracat was on and asked picklespussycat if I could be in bigblueflomongos. That was the first faction I was in and I had no idea what to do. So I did the logical thing and quit. I went back to skyblock and just kept building on my island (which is level twenty now btw). I eventually went back to factions to find out that I was kicked from BBF. I didn't know why and I was prepared to quit again when I saw another faction name. I messaged someone named guestonius and asked if I could be in his fac called noneed. He said yes and he actually told me what factions was so I could actually do something. After a while I decided to go on my own. So using some stuff I took from my former faction I went on and made a faction called thecrafterz. The first base was small and kinda ugly. Good thing it got raided like five minutes after I claimed the land. I found posnerius again and we built a new base. It looked a lot better than the first. We lived in peace up until someone I trusted took everything. :( So I moved on again and again and again. Finally I think I had done it. It was a nice little base. It is still growing and getting better and better. I allied with bigblueflomongos and team legend and we became good friends. We built together and stuff. And even during the ups and downs ex. When gym got betrayed by the person who shan't be named or when every stinking time my base gets raided, it's during these times when you know who your real friends are.
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