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My CCG Life...

Mar 22, 2014
Yep, I'm almost 87 now, should be dying off soon...So I be telling my story! :p I started off in Pocket Edition last summer, staying up all night with my friends in creative. Then my dad came home with Minecraft and I just played in creative being a noob and spawning villagers. :) Then my brother, (being 4 years younger than me) was suddenly BOSS at survival. (or so I thought) So I felt dumb... :( My friend introduced me to CCG a few months ago and she is to blame for all the times I wasn't doing my homework. I started off on games, like hide and seek. (I sucked at skywars.) Then skyblock for awhile, then parkour here and there, then factions for a month, I now do a mix of just about everything. I love it here!

P.S I'm not 87 XD
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