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GreatV gaming

May 25, 2020
This is too much to ask as a player but I wish that cubecraft network has multi regional server.
As of my personal experience it has very less players then it deserves as other multi region server takes his players.
I live in Asia still play cubecraft most but there are many player who doesn't play cubecraft because of farther regions
I wish It would be taken in mind of cubecraft community
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Blue Flam

Aug 1, 2020
Yeah, good idea. That's because it will help with the craziness with ping, I'm comfortable with it in EU region, but others than me aren't, and yeah it's a good idea.
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TechnoMOD :)
Team CubeCraft
🔨 Moderator
Apr 21, 2020

I do agree that having multiple regions would certainly help for performance across multiple areas around the world, but there are a lot of factors that need to be looked into before anything like this gets started on or implemented. We would need to locate and find new trustworthy hosts from different areas across the world which would be able to handle the amount of traffic we normally receive. There would also be a lot of changes required to be made to our infrastructure, based on how players are connecting to the main network through these hosts.

There is no doubt that this would also create extra challenges to get everything running smoothly.

I don't see this happening anytime soon right now because of these factors, but in the future, there is a chance this might become a possibility. As our network expands it is important that we keep the community able to connect to the network and have a great experience regardless of their locations.
A similar suggestion was made kind of recently, and this was the response from on our support team members.
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