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Mini Lucky Islands Update! 🤞❓


Apr 9, 2017
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Our Java version of Lucky Islands was updated last week, and now it's time to bring some of that over to Bedrock! 🎉 - We've added most of the content from the Java Update & we've also added some extra content from our Java version of Lucky Islands. We're going to keep this short & sweet, so below you'll see a full changelog of the Bedrock Lucky Islands update!

📜 Full Changelog

- Added Dragon Breath wand - right-click with the wand to throw fire at your opponents! 🔥 🐉
- Added Slime wand - right-click with the wand to throw slime at your opponents!
- Added Strength for All world event to Crazy mode.
- Added Arachnid Ambush world event to Crazy mode.
- Added Cactus lucky block.
- Added Exploding Bow. 💥
- Added Fire Sword - be sure to right-click with the sword to shoot a short-ranged burst of fire!
- Added Extra Lucky lucky block.
- Added Farm Animals lucky block. 🐮
- Added Fast Pickaxe lucky block.
- Added Feeling Lucky lucky block.
- Added Anvil Drop lucky block.
- Added Frosty lucky block. ⛄
- Added Obsidian Fountain lucky block.
- Added Scarecrow lucky block.
- Added Shotgun Bow.
- Added Chickens lucky block. 🐔
- Added Pig Rider lucky block.
- If you die in Teams of 4 but your teammates still win, you'll now get the win.
- Wand cooldowns now appear when holding a wand on cooldown
- Slimes thrown from a Slime Wand no longer attacks the throwing user / team - this is also a thing on Java now 🎉
- Fixed various bugs. 🐛

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy this Lucky Islands Bedrock update! Have fun and stay safe :D
one of the best updates ever in MC bedrock edition on Cubecraft❤️
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