Mini-Game Idea: Destructor

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    Explanation: The game is set up very similar to EggWars, except there is lava in between the islands.
    How the game works: There are 2-8 teams set up around a massive obsidian tower. For 8 minutes, there will be bedrock walls between all the lava islands. After the 8 minute countdown, a cannon will appear on the roof of their building, also built out of bedrock. From here, you'll need to shoot at opposing elder guardians. You can cover the elder guardian with blocks. Depending on the class of the block will determine how fast it kills. (more on this later) You can also purchase arrows to take out the guardian in one hit (if there's no blocks) and swords to deflect blocks. There will be a villager to trade blocks with from the mines. The guardian starts with 500 health.
    Coal (Puny Blocks + Wood Swords) 5 Damage
    1- Glass
    2- Dirt
    5- Wool
    12- Wood Sword

    Iron (Weak Blocks + Stone Swords) 10 Damage
    2- Prismarine
    3- Stone
    5- Melon
    15- Stone Sword

    Gold (Medium Blocks + Iron Swords) 25 Damage
    2- Quartz Ore
    5- End Stone
    12- Dropper
    21- Iron Sword

    Diamond (Tough Blocks + TNT + Diamond Swords)
    3- Redstone Block
    5- Diamond Block
    9- Anvil
    12- TNT
    15- Diamond Sword

    Emerald (Mighty Blocks)
    5- Ender Chest
    8- Obsidian

    Swords can reflect blocks of that tier and below. Mighty blocks can not be reflected. Blocks will not break blocks of tiers above. They will break 1 of their own tier. They will break 3 of the tier directly below them. They will break all blocks 2 or more tiers below them. There will also be a guardian in the middle. If this is killed something random will happen: your island will blow up (aka your guardian is killed) to filling your inventory with obsidian.

    Guardian Killer- Kill your first guardian.
    Self-Destruct- Kill the guardian at the middle and blow up your island.
    Serial Killer- Kill all the other guardians on the map.
    Bomber- Kill another guardian with TNT.
    Sniper- Kill a guardian in one hit.
    Guardian Killer
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    Isn't this very similair to Money Walls?
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    You're not PvPing, so not exactly.
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    BRUH. sorry...